मंगलबार, असोज १२ २०७८
काठमाडौं ०७:४१
वासिङटन डिसी 21:56

My Nepal

इनेप्लिज २०७४ साउन ८ गते ७:२२ मा प्रकाशित

I love Nepal. My country has the highest mountain peak in the world. Even though I was born in America, Nepal is my favorite and always will be. After 8 months after I was born I went to Nepal for 2 years with my ama. In Damak, Nepal I would go feed the cows with my ama, it was pretty fun. Then my bua and I got milk from the cows. In Kathmandu I would go on morning walks with my papa and buy milk form the store so we could make chai. Let’s not forget my maiya she makes the best tomato achaar.

I could finish millions of bowls in a day. Then when I came to America everything felt different and weird. After 5 years in America I realized it was not as different. I got bigger and had new friends by my side. After I started to go to school and get good grades. My school is amazing; I love all my teachers and my friends. I like to do math and read. My family always helps me to be good and get good grades and never give up. They always help me when I’m feeling sad or mad. I like to play with them; they are fun and the best. Everything was fine until we heard the news about the earthquake. The earthquake destroyed everything but people from my country didn’t give up they worked very hard to rebuild things that were destroyed. Nepalese didn’t give up they work very hard to make their self healthy and safe. We are the best!

6 years old
By Aditya Bikram Niroula
Bua-Grandpa from dad’s side
Ama- Grandma from dad’s side
Maiya- Grandma from mom’s side
Papa-Grandpa from mom’s side