Record-setting 1000th Episode of WNO Daily Broadcast

Enepalese Published on: May 7, 2024

On 30th April 2024, the World Newah Organization (WNO) celebrated its record-setting 1000thEpisode of WNO Daily Broadcast (WDB) amidst 150 live audiences online over Zoom and Facebook page.

The event inaugurated by the Deputy Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City Ms Sunita Dangol was conducted by WNO Youth Ambassador and WDB host Ms Neetu Dangol. Ms Sunita Dangol who had been the former WNO Youth Ambassador as well as the first event conductor of WNO’s Daily Google Translate sessions, expressed that the milestone of the 1000th Espiode is a huge
achievement for all Newah as well as non-Newah people alike as it showcases the beauty and intellect of the nation.

WNO President Mr Sanyukta Shrestha welcomed the audience whilst emphasising the organisation’s commitment to promoting youth leadership, as evident through the Chief Guest and the Host not exceeding 30 years of age.

Former WNO President Mr Season Shrestha informed about the history of WDB and the challenges being faced regularly. Founding WNO President Mr Bal Gopal Shrestha highlighted the importance of a digital archive like WDB accumulating information on more than athousand Newah individuals thus far.

WNO Executive Member and WDB Host Dr Naresh Shakya presented the statistics on WDB including various demographics based on gender, sector and hosting pattern, followed by a display of 1000 WDB event posters. Ms Neetu Dangol conducted an interactive game called “Newah Mhasikay Kasa” which played random videos from the past thousand episodes asking the participants to
identify the interviewee.

Dr Sushil Tamrakar from the USA scored the highest to become the winner. President Shrestha felicitated WDB hosts and regular participants who expressed their views on the event. The discussants included WDB Concept Developer Mr Deepesh Shakya, Mr Paubha Sayami,Dr Sushil Tamrakar, Dr Lochan Manandhar, Ms Anjana Tamrakar, Mr Dwarika Rajbhandari, and Ms Bidya Dali from various parts of the world.

The event was graced by most of the former WDB guests including the President of Newa Dey Daboo Mr Pavitra Bajracharya, the President of Newa PasaPucha Amerikaye Mr Manohar Shrestha and the President of Newah Organization of America Mr
Mahindra Pradhan among others. Three lucky winners won mobile top-ups sponsored by Digital Pal.