Press Release: Nepal Sambat 1139 and NPPA’s 27th Anniversary Celebration

इनेप्लिज २०७५ मंसिर १५ गते १:३० मा प्रकाशित

प्रेस बिज्ञप्ती: नेपाल सम्बत् ११३९ व नेपा: पासा पुच: अमेरिकाय् २७ दँ क्यङ्गु त:मुंज्या

प्रेस बिज्ञप्ती: नेपाल सम्वत् ११३९ र नेपा: पासा पुच: अमेरिकाय्को २७सौं बार्षिकोत्सव समारोह

Press Release: Nepal Sambat 1139 and NPPA’s 27th Anniversary Celebration

                                                                            November 17, 2018

Nepa Pasa Pucha Amerikaye  celebrated Nepal Sambat 1139 and it’s 27th Anniversary on Saturday, November 17, 2018, at the Shady Grove Middle School in Gaithersburg, Maryland. This year’s theme was  “Pioneering the Preservation of Newah Culture in the United States”.

The celebration commenced with “GANESH POOJA”, followed by an authentic Newah “SAMAY BAJEE”. After “SAMAY BAJEE”, the traditional Newah procession of over 150 Patrons, Life Members, and community members entered the auditorium chanting “Nepal Sambat as National Sambat.” It concluded when the procession reached  the stage. The highlight of the procession was the Lakhay dance, performed by Mr. Yagya Man Shakya, along with a Dhimey band of musicians, played by Mr. Salyan Shrestha and Mr. Amrit Shrestha. Pancha Kanyas (Gurans Kharel, Aanya Chitrakar, Neha Shrestha, Nishka Uprety, and Elvisha Pradhan) were also the highlight of procession.
After the procession, the Masters of Ceremony, Miss Kerisha Singh and Miss Sarahana Joshee, welcomed the guests and participants and requested the chief guest, Mr. Kailash Pokharel, Economic Counselor of Embassy of Nepal, NPPA President Mr. Raju Joshee, Guest Speaker Mr. Tirtha Ram Dangol and Keynote Speaker Mr. Prabhash Shrestha to inaugurate the event by lighting the traditional “TWADEWA” (oil lamp stand).

A moment of silence was observed in memory of late Mr. Padma Ratna Tuladhar. Throughout his adult life, Mr. Tuladhar  advocated and fought for the rights of indigenous ethnicities in Nepal. He passed away on November 4, 2018.

Miss Sahara Joshee performed the U.S. National anthem, and Ms. Sangeeta Shakya and Mr. Prabin Tamrakar, accompanied by Miss Hridayesha Tamrakar in keyboard, performed the Nepalese National anthem.

Mr. Raju Joshee, President of NPPA, presided over the opening ceremony and he welcomed the guests and the participants and highlighted the significance of Nepal Sambat. He summarized NPPA’s important activities and its participation in community development programs in 2018. He highlighted the importance of youth involvement in NPPA and success of the Youth Mobilization event it had organized recently.

NPPA’s popular annual souvenir magazine “DABOO” was also released and distributed during the ceremony. Mr. Kailash Pokharel of Embassy of Nepal praised NPPA for its continued efforts in promoting and preserving Nepali and Newah culture and values in the United States.

Mr. Tritha Ram Dangol, this year’s guest speaker  highlighted the significance and importance of Nepal Sambat in  Newah culture.

This year’s  keynote speaker, Mr. Prabhash Shrestha, who is the executive vice president and chief digital strategy officer for the Independent Community Bankers of America delivered a speech on “Sustained Professional Success.” He shared his inspiring personal journey  and highlighted how a Newah from Kathmandu was able to build a successful career in the US.

Many leaders  of other local organizations were invited for this occasion.   The Acting President of Newah Organization of America (NOA) Mr. Puskar Prajapati, President of Baltimore Association of Nepalese in America (BANA) Mrs. Anu Onta, President of America-Nepal Society (ANS) Mrs. Prabha Deuja, President of Nepal Education & Cultural Center (NECC) Mr. Khilendra Neupane, President of World Newah Organization (WNO) Mr. Season Shrestha, President of Nepalese American Senior Community (NASC) Mr. Dibya Hada, President of America Nepal Women Association (ANWA) Mrs. Bijaya Shah, President of Sagarmatha Television Mr. Ram C. Kharel, representative of Mr. Bijaya Thapa, and representative of DC Nepal Mr. Parshuram Bhandari were present and participated with full enthusiasm.

Vice President of NPPA Mr. Manohar Shrestha concluded the inauguration ceremony by expressing sincere thanks and gratitude to all of the participants, sponsors, and donors (Classic Diamond & Jewelry, Galaxy Events, Buddha Dharma Sangha, Chutney Indian Restaurant, Namlo, Air Zone, Himalayan Elderly Care, PK Tax & Accounting Services, Namlo Events, Fenwick, Curry Place, Sangri-La Restaurant, Mr. Lok Tiwari,  Beer and Wine, and Mr. Dhurba Onta). He also thanked all the dedicated members who had worked very hard to make this year’s celebration possible.

After the concluding remarks by Mr. Manohar Shrestha, a Past President Forum was conducted with participation of five past presidents of NPPA. This included Founding President Mr. Ram Malakar, Past President Mr. Bhagat Lal Shrestha, Past President Mr. Dibya Hada, Past President Mr. Laxman Pradhan and Past President Mrs. Saroj Prajapati. This forum was moderated by Past President Mr. Laxman Pradhan. The main objective of this forum was to share and exchange ideas for building a better and stronger NPPA. All past presidents expressed their commitment to support current president Mr. Raju Joshee and the EC members in  achieving NPPA’s goals and missions.

After completion of the inauguration ceremony, the participants were entertained by a lively cultural program with authentic Newah and Nepali dances and songs. The cultural program started with a Buddha bhajan by Mrs. Sangeeta Shakya. It was followed by a vibrant and ethnic Karunamaya Charya dance, performed by Mr. Yagya Man Shakya. Another ethnic Dhimey dance by Miss Lochani Tara Shakya, Miss Sujata Tamrakar, Miss Shriya Menon, Miss Lujala Ranjit, and Mr. Neeraj Shrestha was also performed.

The other highlight of the cultural program was the group of main artists, Mrs. Sapana Shree (Singer), Mr. Nhuchhe Dangol (Tabala & Madal), Mr. Prajit Shrestha (Guitar), and Mr. Uttam Shrestha (Keyboard). Mr. Manohar Shrestha also sang a duet with Mrs. Sapana Shree. They thanked and appreciated NPPA for inviting them to perform at its 27th anniversary. It was followed by a Tamang Selo dance by Mrs. Shanti Shrestha, Mrs. Magan Shrestha, Mrs. Reshmi Tamrakar, Mrs. Mahima Shakya, and Mrs. Leena Shrestha Menon. A Super Mom dance was performed by a group of beautiful moms in the DMV area, consisting of Mrs. Rubina Prajapati, Mrs. Sabina Bajracharya, Mrs. Jaya Shrestha, Mrs. Sujana Dhakal, Mrs. Rekha Bhandari, Mrs. Babita Shrestha, Mrs. Archana Lama, and Mrs. Gauri Timalsina. Miss Adita Shrestha performed a self-choreographed dance on a Newah song.

The cultural program was concluded by  a local musical group Pasa Band (Mr. Prabin Karki-Drums, Mr. Ashish Bhadel-Vocal and Rhythm Guitar, Mr. Sugandha Shrestha-Bass Guitar, and Mr. Anugh Shrestha-Lead Guitar) who gave an energetic performance and entertained the crowd.

Mrs. Sarana Shrestha and Mr. Sunny Shrestha skillfully and successfully moderated the lively cultural program.  This year’s NPPA Outstanding Award Certificate was presented to Mrs. Rita Singh for her continued dedication, commitment, and services to NPPA and Nepali community for several years. New NPPA Patron and Life Member certificates were also presented.

Over 450 community members participated in the Nepal Sambat 1139 and NPPA’s 27th anniversary celebrations. Special feature of the day was a traditional and authentic Newah “JHWA BHWAYE” (feast).  NPPA volunteers served the sitting guests with a variety of typical Newah dishes. The Newah “SAMAY BAJEE” and “BHWAYE” were catered by Kathmandu Kitchen of Bethesda, Maryland.

While the participants were enjoying the traditional Jhwa Bhwaye, Nepal Education and Culture Center (NECC) members performed Deushi Bhailo program. Several community members contributed a total of $34,000 to support the construction of a Nepali temple.

Mr. Baikuntha Shrestha of Namlo provided decoration services at the event and eNepalese live-streamed the entire program on Facebook. The audio system for the entire program was administered and sponsored by DJ Mr. Dinesh Gurung. NPPA also thanks the administration of Shady Grove Middle School, Gaithersburg for making the wonderful venue available for our event.

The program concluded with the drawing of raffle prizes, coordinated by Mr. Krishna Prajapati. This event marked the 27th year of NPPA’s successful celebration of Nepal Sambat 1139 Bhintuna program, coinciding with its annual meeting. It was made possible by the selfless commitment, dedication, and hard work of all the volunteers in all fronts. Volunteers are the life-line of all the NPPA activities. NPPA sincerely thanks all the volunteers for their unconditional support and hard work.

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