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Nepalese Association In Southeast America (NASeA)Proudly announces for the submission of application

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Nepalese Association in Southeast America (NASeA) proudly announces for the submission of application to host the NASeA/ ANMA joint convention during Labor Day weekend of 2019 , Aug 30- Sept 01 .

NASeA and ANMA have been organizing their joint conventions since 2005 every year alternately in their respective regions .NASeA is going to host such convention of 2019 in its region .Due to the matter of pride to host such convention and its popularity , many state and local level organizations in NASeA region will be certainly interested to host the next convention too .So to provide the equal opportunity to all interested organizations to host next convention ,with the immense pleasure we proudly announce for the submission of application no later than  11:59 PM of 15 July 2018 with the attachment of power point presentation to include at least the parameters mentioned in the next paragraph (but not limited to only those). The NASeA executive board will listen the presentation , will have interaction with applicant organizations and will  finally decide the final venue for the next convention after completion of all presentations. Date and time for presentation (s) will be notified later right after the deadline of application submission . President of NASeA Madhav Dhakal can be reached any time if any questions in this regards at [email protected] and cell phone 3364714709. All interested organizations are requested to submit their applications at  [email protected] . Any subsequent information if required later on this announcement , will be notified accordingly as soon as possible .

Parameters need to be included in the presentation are : – 

1. Registration Status of applicant organization and overall history of it .Applicant organization must be registered in their respective state within NASeA region and be on active status at present .

2. Availability of volunteers /overall Nepalese community in vicinity of venue . 

3. Organizational structure with the current official names .

4. Points of attraction of venue for visitors / families .

5. Airport / seaport / major town in surrounding. 

6. Availability of Hotels / Nepali – Indian restaurants . 

7. Information about facilities for various kinds of sports including soccer and volleyball . 

8. Why the applicant thinks this venue would be a strong candidate for the convention? What are the strong points of this venue?

9. Any others issues  applicant thinks that need to be notified to NASeA executive committee for this purpose .

Looking forward for your interest , application and presentation ! 

Thank you 


Madhav Dhakal

President , NASeA

Krishna Shrestha 

General  Secretary , NASeA