Press Release: Formation of the ANTA Missouri-Kansas Chapter

इनेप्लिज २०७४ मंसिर ५ गते ४:५१ मा प्रकाशित
Association of Nepali Teraian in America (ANTA) is delighted to announce the formation of Missouri-Kansas Chapter on Nov 19th in Kansas City, Missouri. ANTA would like to express its gratitude to Mr. Amit Mishra for hosting the event at his restaurant (Seva Cuisine of India).  This occasion was met with great enthusiasm and support from the young and dynamic Teraians residing in greater Missouri-Kansas area. ANTA’s president Mr. Vijay Singh called in to congratulate the new team. 
This event would not have been possible without collective perseverance and tenacity shown by Dr. Indra Dev Sahu (ANTA General Secretary), Mr. Dharmendra Thakur (ANTA DC Chapter – Past President), Mr. Vijay Singh (ANTA President), Mr. Khusnandan Thakur, Mr. Lalit Jha (ANTA founding member) and many others.
Mr. Amit Mishra is the new chapter president backed by a team of promising and energetic members. Mr. Amit Mishra was also well known for his success as a cricket bowler in Nepal before coming to the US.
ANTA Executive Committee congratulates the new team and their families and friends and wish them all the very best in their endeavors to provide a fulfilling & unifying forum for all Teraians living in Missouri- Kansas area.
1. Amit Mishra, Kansas City, President
2. Rakesh K Yadav, Kansas City, Vice President
3. Anshuman Chaudhary, St Louis, Vice President
4. Dependra Sharma, Kansas City, Vice President
5. Khusnandan Thakur, Kansas City, Secretary
6. Amit Lal Karna, St. Louis,  Joint Secretary
7. Sumant Kumar Sharma, Treasurer
8. Pramod K Yadav, Member
9. Suraj K Sharma, Member
10. Makeshwar Ray, Member
11. Basant Chaudhary, Member
12. Shambhu Sah, Member
13. Rachel Yadav, Member
14. Pravin Jha, St Louis, Member
15. Manisha Chaudhary, St. Louis, Member
1. Robin Mishra
2. Raja Babu Ray
3. Dr. Santosh Mahto
4. Dharmendra Thakur, Virginia
5. Lalit Jha, NE
For more information please visit ANTA on Facebook. Please spread the word and share amongst friends and families.
Aprajita Jha, Spokesperson, 201-621-1206
Vijay K Singh, President, 703-987-7457