ANTA Flood Relief Update & Press Release

इनेप्लिज २०७४ भदौ ७ गते १:२८ मा प्रकाशित
We are extremely glad to inform you that we have successfully met our initial target of $10k that we had aimed for the ANTA Flood Relief Fund. The funds have already been disbursed to various established NGOs who are on the ground with their relief work. We will keep you posted as we receive updates from the participating institutions periodically.
Success begets success. Given our strong fund raising team and the continued outpour of charity, we would like to raise the initial target from $10k to $15k. The additional money would allow us to further expand our relief work including setting up medical camps which would be critical in the aftermath of the unprecedented flooding that we have encountered recently in Nepal.
Last but not least, ANTA is grateful to its fund raising team, family and friends for their generosity and their passion towards the cause.
Please help us now reach our revised target of $15k and beyond through the compaign below:
Also please subscribe to the ANTA Facebook page through the link below for more frequent updates of our relief efforts. Or at least please help us spread the word just by liking the page.
Many thanks again.
Aprajita Jha (cell: 201-621-1206)
Vijay K Singh (cell: 703-987-7457)