Requesting application for NASeA ANMA Youth Talent Show

इनेप्लिज २०७४ भदौ ३ गते ९:०८ मा प्रकाशित

Dear parents and children,

Youth Talent Show Committee is requesting for your application to
showcase your unique skills in Singing, Dancing, Playing Music, Magic,
Caricature and more. We will accept any talent that you can do in 6 min.
Please hurry up, we have only limited spots left.

• Participant must be able to perform at stage independently without anyone’s help
• Participant’s age must be under age of 18 (Eighteen)
• Talent could be anything that can draw audience’s attention.
• Performance (item) must be safe for yourself and audience.
It should not require special safely arrangement
(e.g. No Gymnastics, No Sword fight, No Martial Arts etc.)
• Participant must be Nepali or one of their parent must be Nepali origin

Winners will be selected by combined score of judges and SMS votes in real time
by all observer, participant like you!

Please submit your application by visiting the following link

You may submit application by providing the following information
Participant Info:
• Full Name :
• Age :
• School :
• City :
• State :
• Please describe if we need to arrange for any “Special needs”
• Short description about your talent :

Participant’s Parent or Legal guardian info:
• Contact Name :
• Phone Number :
• Email Address :

Thank you for your interest in the Youth Talent Show and I will try my best to make it a fun
and memorable experience for you. Please keep a note that each performance by a single
person or team will be honored with one award.

YouTube Video

Our main goal of “Youth Talent Show” is to engage children, youth, and parents to participate
in more interactive way in NASeA/ANMA convention. Since winning is determined by observers
by voting via text also, very competitive talent could lose due just because of not having enough vote.
Standard texting fee may apply which will be charged by your phone service provider.

This event is purely designed to entertain you, thrill you, … and the most of all, make it memorable for your life time!