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The Edge Band Concert and Raw Barz in the Same Floor

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Promo Video

Raw Barz is a first ever Rap-Battle league in Nepal designed to bring out creative talent of today’s youth via rap as a platform. On a small time frame of just a year we are able to delight 10,000 youths directly in our

venue (500+ per event). This figure if a mere reflection of the number of online viewers we have i.e. 17.5 million (17, 500,000) YouTube views from all across the globe. In this time frame we have achieved national and international recognition via several national and international newspapers, magazines, international radio broadcasts, TV interviews and online media. We have been featured as the top online phenomenon (YouTube) by major publications in Nepal. Not only in Nepal, has Raw Barz already been introduced in Australia and United Kingdom. Now it is happening in US. Raw Barz has been a great platform for rappers to execute their skills and a start point to Nephop career

Please follow RAW BARZ USA page on Facebook for updates. For

registration visit rawbarzusa.com or email us at [email protected]


The Edge Band was formed in 1998 in Pokhara; they came into the Nepali Rock scene with a self-titled debut in 2000. The video of the single memo aasu from the debut album, witnessed a country wide popularity surge within a week of its official release. This success gave the band a much needed break into the mainstream music industry in Nepal. The album included other hits like jeewan mero, pagal nabhana, and numerous jams and rehearsals, Jeewan connected with three talented seasoned musicians in Pokhara. They shared similar views, attitude, and taste for the music they envisioned haheyko.

The new lineup is perhaps the most talented ever. Emerging from a deep hiatus the band cut their second album Vibes with Vajra Records in 2006. The album contains some of the most intelligent originals the band has in its credit till date. Recorded and mastered at Sacred Sound Studio, Kathmandu, Vibes showcases the band’s technical prowess, endurance, and lyrical maturity. MERO ASSU THAHA CHAINA, YO DIL MERO an orchestral arrangement; SHANTI KO SANDESH, a hard rock with patriotic theme;kasailai, a steady rock groove; Brahma, an alternative experiment; ballads, JIUNA LAI GARO and duukha diyera; and soothing prastab and lekhiyeka shabda demonstrate the cohesion amidst diversity in composition.

The Edge has received couple awards and nominations. The song Duukha diyera bagged the best lyrics award at the Pokhara MusicAward. The song received critical acclaim for its soulful words. In 2006,following the release of Vibes, The Edge was nominated at the 9th Tuborg Annual Image Awards in the category of Rock Vocal Performance. Although it was only confined to nominations, The Edge has come out of age to demonstrate their ability to deliver beyond anyone’s expectation. Currently, the band is working on the newmaterials.




The Edge Band is coming to U.S for the first time, likewise Raw Barz in U.S DMV Events; Nine Events in associated with 3E entertainment is bringing this thrilling event in the capital on July 29 th , Saturday 7 pm onwards at Karma DC Lounge. 2221 Adams Pl NE Washington DC 20018. Young and Beautiful Prashamsha Shrestha will be hosting and performing at this event for the very first time in U.S – Current Lagla Najar Ma Najar, and many more.

Moksha Mantra and Prakriti Deuja will be performing after the Raw

Barz Audition.DJ Supremz will be spinning after the concert until 3 in the morning. This event is for 18 plus only. We would like to thank our Non- Profit partner, Tender Hearts for their support and their hard-work in Nepal to bridge the gap with humanity.

Therefore, certain proceed from this event will go to our Non- Profit Tender Hearts to build, help and support the needy children back inNepal .