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Press Release- From ANA/ANMA/NASeA Independent Joint Commission

इनेप्लिज २०७४ असार १५ गते २:२१ मा प्रकाशित

The Association of Nepalese in the Americas (ANA), Nepalese Association of South East America (NASeA), and Association of Nepalese in Midwest America (ANMA) formed a Joint commission to explore the possibilities of reaching out to all US-based Nepali organizations together to boost, enhance and catalyze the effective voices of the Nepali Diaspora at a national level. Honorary Consul General Prem Raj Mahat led this official request and all three presidents (Bala Ghimire-ANMA, Bimal Nepal-NASeA, and Medini Adhikari-ANA) have mutually agreed that it is essential to meet the growing demand of the present time to provide a common platform for old, newly formed, and future Nepali organizations in order to keep a united voice in the interests of the Nepalese Diaspora in the USA. On behalf of NASeA/ ANMA/ ANA, Rajendra Khatiwada of Georgetown, KY has been assigned to lead this committee.


As authorization given to me with the recommendation of all three above mentioned organizations we announced the formation of the independent joint commission with the following members:


Mr.Rajendra K. Khatiwada-                            Commissioner


Mr. Mukesh Singh-                         ANMA- OH         member

Mr. Sushil Sharma-                           ANMA- KY          member

Mr. Mukunda Dhungana-             ANA-     CA          member

Mr. Anjan Shrestha-                       ANA –   TX           member

Dr. Prakash Malla-                           NASeA   GA        member

Dr. Sanjeev Sapkota-                      NASeA  GA         member


We are all aware of the several community volunteers from different parts of the United States, engaged in the formative discussion and deliberations, realizing the obvious vacuum, created by the absence of any coordinating national organization. As per given mandate this joint commission would to road map the future path of Nepali associations, respecting and honoring their existence. This commission’s hope and getting constructive solidarity and support from members throughout the Nepali Diaspora will go a long way to collectively navigate in the right direction.