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MAA_Press Release-Advisory Committee

इनेप्लिज २०७४ जेठ ११ गते ७:३९ मा प्रकाशित

Dear All,

Madheshi Association in America (MAA) has formed the following Advisory Committee. We would like to congratulate all the committee members.

1) Dr. Binod Shah (NY), Chair
2) Dr. Mahendra Mahato (TX), Member
3) Dr. Madhav Yadav (PA), Member
4) Satendra Shah (NY), Member
5) Dr. Biplav Yadav (OH), Member
6) Dr. Sukhdev Shah (DC), Member
7) Tribhuvan Chaudhary (NM), Member
8) Dr. Ram Sah (CA), Member
9) Ritesh Chaudhary (NJ), Member
10) Seema Shah (FL), Member
11) Vijaya Sah (DC), Member
12) Deo Chandra Shah (CA), Member
13) Dr. Adul Matin Mansoor (OH), Member
14) Dr. Birendra Shah (NY), Member
15) Ram Chaudhary (CT), Member
16) Ramesh Yadav (MA), Member
17) Anup Srivastav (GA), Member
18) Dr. Ram Ishwor Mahato (NE), Member
19) Subodh Shah (TX), Member
20) Ajit Mandal (CA), Member

Please find the attached press release.

If you have any questions regarding this press release please contact MAA’s President Suneel Sah via e-mail [email protected] or by phone (732) 662-8028.


Sangit Rauniyar

Gen. Secretary, MAA

Ph:(682) 583-8150