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ANTA_Press Release (12-18-16)

इनेप्लिज २०७३ पुष ३ गते १४:३७ मा प्रकाशित
Dear All,  
The current ANTA executive committee (EC) would like to thank all ANTA members, different organizations’ representatives and well-wishers for supporting current EC members and bringing our team to this level. ANTA current EC is grateful to everyone who helped to make ANTA 4th convention a grand success. The current EC is outcome of the ANTA 4th general convention and we are proud to represent you. We listen to general member’s voice and we believe general members are above the organization as the organization exist because of the members. Convention is the place to resolve any dispute and clarify things, if there is any, as general members at convention are powerful than anybody in the organization. We also believe that in any organization members have equal right and value. The ANTA members present at 4th general convention recognized the value of unity among all Madheshis and made an honest effort to forge reconciliation with disgruntled group, and therefore appointed the Ad-hoc committee for reconciliation and to ensure effectiveness of reconciliation made the EC effective only after 9th Dec 2016. The current EC respected the decision of general members present at ANTA 4th convention.
As you all know the effort of Ad-hoc committee led by Dr. Subodh Mallik to do reconciliation with unsatisfied group was unsuccessful, the current EC is effective from Dec 10, 2016 for the term of 2016-2018. However, some individuals who claim themselves to be authority of ANTA are not cooperating with the current EC in updating registration and providing access to the ANTA website. ANTA is registered in Ratan Jha’s name (Founding President) and website domain is registered in Kaushal Jha’s name (Past EC Treasurer). It is unfortunate that ANTA is being treated as personal property by the unsatisfied group of people and therefore are unwilling to transfer it to the current EC.  In this case, it seems that filing a lawsuit is only way to gain access to assets of ANTA.
The current EC wants to work for Madhesi community in Nepal and abroad. We have started several projects that will empower Madhesi community. But, due to current ANTA situation we thought to resolve the dispute first so that we can concentrate on working for our community. Our current EC believes on democracy and respect each other and all ANTA members. We don’t just talk, but do job by taking actions. In last couple of weeks we have seen emails praising our current EC for doing things that ANTA has never seen in history. Unfortunately, we have also seen emails that clearly shows frustration in ANTA members because of activities done by unsatisfied groups. In this situation, current EC cannot remain silent, and thus decided to take concrete decision.
The current EC President Suneel K. Sah had requested to assess the current situation and asked for recommendation which paves way to move forward and best suit for our community. President Suneel K. Sah had assigned this task to Ram Naresh Pandey, Sangit Rauniyar and Chet Narayan Yadav. Under the leadership of Ram Naresh Pandey, this 3-member team contacted as many ANTA members as possible for their suggestions, analyzed all emails circulating on behalf of ANTA, asked advise from Past Presidents and senior and respected community people.
After completing our task the team has learned that ANTA members don’t feel that their value is being respected and some of them feel like not all members have same value as some individuals are questioning their right in the 4th general convention that happened on Sep 10 in Columbus, Ohio. ANTA members are tired of reading ridiculous emails and activities done by unsatisfied group who have made ANTA proprietary assets hostage. A recent email by our respected past President, Dr. Binod Sah, of disassociating himself from ANTA also gives a hint of a point the situation has reached in ANTA. Our current EC believes that our objective and community benefit should be first when we are doing things.
To end the current fight within our community due to conflicts in ANTA, the current EC has a choice to take legal course to take ownership of all proprietary assets, domain and name of ANTA, but then EC realizes that all members are connected with a purpose, a purpose for Madhesi and Madhesi community then why waste time, energy and money on name, and therefore our President and EC have decided not to file lawsuit despite being confident that it would be on our side. The simple reason behind this is that it is not worth of it as we don’t want to waste our time, energy and money in filing a lawsuit and going to court. We can fulfill a lot of our community needs with those resources. This decision would also save reputation of our Madhesi community. However, to give continuity to our work and passion to serve for the community the current EC is announcing its disassociation from the name ANTA effective immediately so that fight for name could stop immediately. We will keep working at our personnel level and through different platform as required. We would like to request past Presidents of ANTA to take ANTA from here and we are ready to cooperate with the transition. We know this may disappoint some members of ANTA as there was a lot of expectations from the current EC given the projects launched and progress made by current EC, but we would like to assure you that the good works we have initiated and launched will be continued irrespective of withdrawing from the fight for name. We would like to let you know that there will be some big announcements very soon which will not only make you happy, but will also make you feel proud of being with us.
 Please find the attached Press Release.
Sangit Rauniyar
Gen. Secretary, ANTA