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Press Release : Expulsion of Mr. Suneel K Sah from the Primary Membership of ANTA

इनेप्लिज २०७३ मंसिर ६ गते १३:३५ मा प्रकाशित


As you all know Association of Nepali Teraian in America (ANTA) Board is in process of amending current bylaws that will allow provisions and detailed guidelines for contested election and to hold the postponed 4th Convention ASAP. During this process, ANTA Board along with other prominent members participated in several round of discussion to seek amicable solution for greater cause of ANTA and Madhesh.  Unfortunately, amicable solution that is based on principles and values of ANTA couldn’t be reached due to the vested interest of some senior ANTA members.

In order to safeguard founding principle, values, ethics, good governance and best practices, all the ANTA members must abide by those guidelines. Recently, ANTA Board have observed that some ANTA members are not only undermining these values but also participating in activities that are harmful to ANTA as an organization.    For instance, Mr. Suneel K Sah of Dallas, TX; Ex. Executive member of 2014-2016 term, have been found in participating following anti ANTA and anti Madhesi activities:

–          Mr. Sah not only participated in unauthorized gathering (so called convention) and participated in unauthorized, fake election but went further to claim as president elect.

–          Mr. Sah has been involved in unauthorized use of ANTA logo, letterhead and other resources on various occasions.

–          Mr. Sah has been engaged in various activities which are detrimental to the ANTA.

–          Most recently, ANTA Board found out that that Mr. Sah secretly and fraudulently transferred ANTA domain to his name which became known to us by our website host provider. We got it back, however, ANTA Board found this particular activity very concerning and were left with no choice but to take necessary action against Mr. Sah.

Despite several request to not do anti-ANTA activities, Mr. Sah not only ignored the request but recently accelerated to harm organization severely.  Therefore, ANTA Board found Mr. Suneel K Sah, in violation of section VIII (2) of ANTA bylaws and decided unanimously to revoke his ANTA membership and expel him from ANTA.  ANTA Board also sincerely request all ANTA members to discourage anyone who are seen as participating in such extreme unethical and anti-ANTA and anti- Madheshi activities.

Finally, ANTA Board request to all ANTA members and wel-wishers to help us in completing our task to make ANTA great organization and bring our community together.

Dr. Chakradhar Mishra

President, ANTA Board of Directors

About Association of Nepali Teraian in America (ANTA):

ANTA is a non-profit and non-political organization aiming to promote advancement and awareness of the Teraian’s Identity, Linguistic and Cultural heritage, and facilitate close ties, cooperation and networking among Nepali Teraians in North America. It also promotes cooperation and strengthens ties with other Nepali Organizations in North America. For information, please visit: www.terai.org.