Election Notice for DC Chapter of American Society of Nepalese Engineers

इनेप्लिज २०७३ जेठ १७ गते २:०० मा प्रकाशित

(May 28th, 2016)

 All the members of the Nepalese Engineering and Scientific Communities;

The Election Committee of The Greater Washington D.C. Chapter of ASNEngr would like to invite all the members of the community to take part in the coming election of the society to nominate and elect the executive committee for the Year 2016 to 2018.

  1. There are 9 positions (Officers) to be nominated/elected;





Directors (4)

  1. Only the members in good standing from Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Washington D.C. are eligible to take part in the process. Any person who become the member and/or remains active member by the 10th June 2016 can participate in the election process. For the membership and membership status, please visit asnengr.org.
  1. Timeline for the nomination/election process:

3.1 Nomination of the Officers: 29th May to 10th June, 2016

3.2 Publication of the final list of the Active members: 11th June, 2016

3.3 Publication of the list of Candidates: 12th June, 2016

3.4 Any claim and withdrawal of the candidacy: 13th to 16th June, 2016

3.5 Publication of the Final list of the Candidates: 17th June, 2016

3.6 Ballot casting: 18-23rd June, 2016

3.7 Announcement of the Result: 25th June, 2016

                  (Please note the cut off time for the dates indicated above is 5.00 PM EST)

  1. Any member in good standing may send the nomination for him/herself or nominate others for any position/s but one person may not be nominated for more than one position. When sending your nomination(s), please provide the following information about the nominee(s) and nominator:

About the nominee(s)

1. Position nominated (please see above under 1): 2.Full name  3.Job title, affiliatio  4.Contact address 5.Phone numbe     6.E-mail address 7.ASNEngr membership status      8A brief introduction including educational background, professional qualifications, experience and current position.

About the nominator

  1Full name 2E-mail address 3Phone number 4ASNEngr membership status 5Have you received consent from the nominee(s)?

Nomination should be sent to [email protected], this will be official email for this committee.  For further information, you may contact us.

Respectfully Yours;

Election Committee, ASNEngr D.C. Chapter

Thakur Dhakal (2408212137) – Coordinator

Prakash Khanal (8642436151) – Member

Deepak Koirala (8042740023) – Member