World Newah Organization -Call for Papers & Advertisements

इनेप्लिज २०७२ माघ १ गते १२:१४ मा प्रकाशित


अमेरिकाया वाशिडटन डिसी जुइगु हलिं नेवाः दबू’ या निकःगृ् तःमृ्ज्याया लसताय् डब्लृ् एन ओया ख्वापौ बृ्खं पौ या विशेषांक हलिं नेवाः पिकायेगृ् कोज्यृ् कथं च्वमि भाजृ् मयेजृ् पिनित च्वसृ् छोया हया ग्वाहालि याना दीत इनाप याना च्वना । च्वसृ् नेवाः जाती सम्बन्घी निकःगृ् तःमृ्ज्याया आज्जृ्

हलिंं न्यंंकंया नेवाः छप्प छधी जुयेनु , झीगृ् भाय्, तजिलजि व म्हसीका ल्यंकेनु ! ! !

नाप स्वाःगृ् न्हय्गृ् नं विषय दुथ्याकेगु विचा दु ।। विज्ञापन व च्वसृ् क्वय् बियातयागु सुचं कथं इमेल याना छोयाहया दीत इनाप दु । सुभाय् ।

On the occasion of World Newah Organization’s 2nd convention,  going to be held on March 25-27,2016 in Washington DC USA, we are planning to Publish a special souvenir issue of WNO newsletter ‘Bukhan Pau’ as HALIN NEWAH xln+ g]jfM . To make this project successful, we request writers around the world to submit the convention THEME related articles and papers. We also accept greeting messages for advertisement from individuals, organizations and business entrepreneurs. Your immediate assistance in this matter is highly appreciated. Please pay close attention on the deadline to reserve space. Thank you for your kind support to achieve the goals of the 2nd WNO convention 2016.

Convention Theme:

Uniting Newars Across the Globe to Promote and Preserve our Language, Culture and Identity!!!

Ad rate:

Full End Cover Page               $300                Half Page                                $60

Full Inner Page                        $100                Quarter Page                           $30

Full Inner Cover Page             $200

Article Requirement:

  • We accept articles in Word Format in 12 point font maximum two pages in length.
  • Newah language articles should be in Nepal Script or in Kantipur
  • Pre published articles will be disregarded

Contact Persons for Submissions:

Daya Ratna Shakya, Oregon, USA          Email: [email protected]

Subhas Prajapati, Seattle, USA                Email [email protected]

Keshar Man Tamrakar, Chicago, USA     Email [email protected]

Pushkar Mathema, WNO Nepal Chapter  Email [email protected]

Sanyukta Shrestha, London, UK              Email [email protected]

Swoyambhu Tuladhar, Portugal               Email: [email protected]

Submission Deadline: Feb 29, 2016 (NO Exception )