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Press Release – New Nepal Sambat 1136 and NPPA’s 24th Anniversary Celebration

इनेप्लिज २०७२ मंसिर १३ गते १३:०६ मा प्रकाशित

nppa 1On Saturday, November 21, 2015, New Nepal Sambat 1136 and NPPA’s 24th Anniversary was celebrated at Shady Grove Middle School in Gaithersburg, Maryland.  This year’s theme is “Dedicated to the Restoration of Heritage of Nepal”.

The event commenced with “GANESH POOJA”, followed by an authentic Newah “SAMAY BAJI”. After “SAMAY BAJI”, the traditional Newah Procession of over 100 patrons, life members, and community members entered the auditorium chanting “Nhu Da ya Bhintuna” (Happy New Year), Nepal Sambat as National Sambat and concluded at the stage. The procession was highlighted by Dhime and other Newah musical instrument.

The Masters of Ceremony, Miss Kerisha Singh and Miss Mansu Shrestha, welcomed the guests and participants to the celebration and requested the chief guest Economic Counselor Mr. Kailash Pokharel of Embassy of Nepal to inaugurate the event by lighting the traditional “TWADEWA” (oil lamp stand).

Miss Prakriti Deuja performed the U.S. National anthem and Executive Committee Member Mr. Prabin Tamrakar, accompanied by Miss Hridayasha Tamrakar in keyboard, performed the Nepalese National anthem.

nppa 2President of NPPA Mrs. Saroj Prajapati presided over the opening ceremony. She welcomed the guests and the participants and highlighted the significance of Nepal Sambat 1136. She summarized the important activities and participations of NPPA in community development programs during the year 2014/2015. Since its inception, NPPA has undertaken many projects in promoting and preserving the Newah culture and values in the US and Nepal.

Marking NPPA’s 24th anniversary celebration, its popular annual souvenir magazine “DABOO” was uncovered and distributed during the ceremony.

Mr. Kailash Pokharel of Embassy of Nepal praised NPPA for its continued efforts in promoting and preserving Nepali and Newah culture and values. He also appreciated NPPA’s effort in supporting the victims after the recent massive earthquakes in Nepal.

Mr. Kiran Sitoula, the Deputy Mayor of Indian Head, Maryland, USA, emphasized on the significance of Newah and Nepali traditions and culture. He had the audience recite “Today we are all Newars, we are all Nepalis” in Newah language after him.

The keynote speaker Mr. Rajiv Shankar Shresta, who is also a writer and is the founding president of Karuna Guthi – Newars of Sikkim, highlighted the importance of preservation of our unique tradition and culture regardless of which part of the world we live in.

The invited heads of Organizations included President of Newah Organization of America (NOA) Mr. Ram Lal Shrestha, President of America-Nepal Society (ANS) Jiwan Tiwari, President of Nepal Education & Cultural Center Mr. Khilendra Neupane, President of ANWA Mrs. Vijaya Shah, CEO of Sagarmatha Television/NRN Media coordinator of North America Mr. Ram C. Kharel, representative of eNepalese.com Mr. Rajiv Shrestha, and representative of America-Nepal Television Mr. Hemanta Shrestha were present in the opening ceremony.

Vice President of NPPA Mr. Raju Joshee concluded the inauguration ceremony by expressing sincere thanks and gratitude to all of the participants, the sponsors, and dedicated members who made the celebration a great success.

After the completion of inauguration ceremony, the Nepalese Education and Culture Center (NECC) members performed Deusi-Bhailo to raise funds to construct Nepali temple in Maryland.

An Earthquake Relief Forum was conducted to highlight the effort and contribution of NPPA to support the victims of recent earthquake. Mr. Puran Joshi presented a detailed Swanti/Tihar documentary practiced in Kathmandu, Nepal, which highlighted and explained Mha Pooja and Kija Pooja rituals.

The participants were entertained by a lively and thrilling cultural program with Newah and Nepali music, songs, and dances. The cultural program started with a Buddha bhajan by Nepal Paramparagat Buddha Dharma Sangha. A vibrant and ethnic Karunamaya-Charia dance was performed by Mr. Yagya Man Shakya. Several up-and-coming young artists also performed and amazed the audience with their outstanding talents. The main attraction of the cultural program was famous Nepali singer Mr. Ram Shrestha and famous traditional drummer Mr. Nhuchhe Dangol, who rocked the house with his songs and compelled to dance and/or sing along.

Ms. Kritishma Shrestha skillfully and successfully moderated the lively cultural program.

During the cultural program, the NPPA Election Committee 2015-2017, consisting of Mr. Bhagat Lal Shrestha (Chairman), Mr. Nani Babu Shrestha (Member), and Mr. Bhibhinna Tamrakar (Member) announced the results of election for 2015-2017 NPPA Executive Committee:

Mrs. Saroj Prajapati – President

Mr. Raju Joshee – Vice President – I

Mr. Buddha Maharjan – Vice President – II

Mr. Manohar Shrestha – General Secretary

Mr. Allan Maharjan – Treasurer

After the NPPA Executive Committee 2015-2017 result was announced, President Mrs. Saroj Prajapati nominated additional members in the new Executive Committee.

Mr. Bijay Shrestha – Advisor

Mr. Shankar Ram Shrestha – Daboo Chief Editor

Mrs. Shanti Shrestha – Executive Member, Event Planning Coordinator

Mr. Prabin Tamrakar – Executive Member, Duboo Publication Coordinator

Mrs. Magan Shrestha – Executive Member, Fund Raising Coordinator

Ms. Sarita Dongol – Executive Member, Membership Coordinator

Ms. Sunita Amatya – Executive Member, Cultural Program Coordinator

This year’s NPPA Outstanding Award Certificates were presented to Mrs. Shukala Devi Shrestha and Mrs. Ganga Maharjan for their continued dedication, commitment, and services to NPPA and Nepali community. New NPPA patron and life member certificates were also presented. Appreciation certificates were presented to Mr. Keith Federman for his effort in collected donation in kind to support the earthquake victims in Nepal and to Miss Tara Rustam for donating her birthday gift in cash to support NPPA’s Education Fund.

Over 450 community members participated in this Nepal Sambat 1136 and NPPA’s 24th anniversary celebration. Special feature of the day was a traditional and authentic Newah “JHWA BHWAYE” (feast).  NPPA volunteers served the sitting guests with a variety of typical Newah dishes in “LAPTE” (the leaf plates), traditionally used in “JHWA BHWAYE”. The Newah “SAMAY BAJI” and “BHWAYE” were catered by Ghar-e-Kabab of Silver Spring, Maryland, who also provided the “LAPTE”.

While the participants were enjoying the traditional Newah Bhwaye, NECC members performed another round of Deushi program. Several community members contributed funds in support of construction of Nepali temple.

This year’s venue was sponsored by Mr. Samir and Mrs. Surya Maharjan of R.B. Jewelry and Classic Diamonds and Jewelry. The registration name badge was sponsored by Mr. Rajesh Shrestha of Air Zone Travel. Bhwaye and Cultural Program were sponsored by Mr. Nani and Mrs. Magan Shrestha of Late Mr. Indra Lal Shrestha Memorial Fund, Mr. Suman & Mrs. Cathy Shrestha of Fenwick Liquors, Mr. Ganesh Kayastha and Mr. Laxman Pradhan of Himalayan Elderly Care, Mr. Bipin & Mrs. Nisha Uprety of Galaxy Events, Ms. Kritishma Shrestha, Ghar-e-Kabab, Kathmandu Kitchen, Curry Place, Pen Boutique, and Friends of Nepal in New Jersey.

The gift cards for raffle prize were sponsored by Mr. Bikash Shrestha of Red Roof Inn, Classic Jewelry, Mr. Lok Tiwari and Mr. Chet Bhandari of Ghar-e-Kabob Restaurant and Sangrila Restaurant, Leena’s Hair & Beauty, and NOA. Sound system was equipped by DJ Mr. Dinesh Gurung.

The program was concluded with the drawing of raffle prizes, coordinated by Mr. Krishna Prajapati.

This event marked the 24th year of NPPA’s successful celebration of Mha Pooja Bhintuna (Nepal Sambat 1136) program, coinciding with its annual meeting. It was made possible by the selfless commitment, dedication, and hard work of all the volunteers in all the fronts. Volunteers are the life-line of all the NPPA activities. NPPA sincerely thanks all the volunteers for their unconditional support and hard work.

For more information please contact Mrs. Saroj D. Prajapati ([email protected]) or visit www.nppa-usa.org.

The NPPA, established in 1991, is a Newah organization based in the metropolitan Washington, DC.  The Nepa Pasa Pucha Corporation is a registered legal name of NPPA which is a nonprofit tax-exempt organization under the IRC Section 501(c)(3). Its primary mission is the preservation and promotion of Newah cultural heritage, traditions, and customs in the USA.