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One child who makes world cry

इनेप्लिज २०७२ असोज २ गते १२:४१ मा प्रकाशित

Every human being in this world has a dream and goal that they want to achieve. Some people are able to fulfill their dreams while some are not. From Whole over the world there are many victims, We can give example like syrian people who are homeless now . They loss their families and everything. From the fear of to be killing they Travel to another countries to be safe. Many more peoples dreams did not get success because they drowned in the Sea or in the Ocean and many more were stopped by border security forces in the borders. Same like that one of the painful incident happened in turkey beach .

The three year syrian baby was drowned at a turkish beach. When everybody  saw that drowned baby’s picture the world became very much sad. Seeing that news about syrian baby i became very much sad and i remember one painful incident of one journalist whose all dreams and goals have been shattered.  I am going to write about a journalist  from Nepal.  He is a journalist from Nepalgunj, Nepal named Saurab Giri who has been in journalism for a long time but his life is passing through a very difficult  stage. When he moved to Nepalgunj city  from Dang district where he was born , his life came under a dark shadow from 2011.

A criminal underground outfit Terai janatantrik party Madhes  targeted journalist Giri alleging him of working against their intrest. They also threatened to take physical action against him. That underground criminal group threatened to kill on 8th March, 2011.They later attacked him twice on 29th April, 2011 and again on 17th July, 2012. Journalist Giri knocked the doors of local administration but failed to get justice.

He was, thus, forced to leave the country fearing for his life. The Federation of Nepalese Journalists as well as Nepalese and international human rights groups have issued statements calling for saftey and security of Mr Giri.

Even after journalist Giri was displace, on 9th November 2013, the same underground group demand Huge amount of money  from Giri and threatened that they will kill him if the money was not handed over to them. After a couples of months, on 4th January 2014, that group issued threats to his family  to give  the money within two months or face consequences.

The same group  also attacked father of Mr Giri.The criminal outfit, Terai janatantrik party madhesh is still said to be looking for Mr Giri. It has already decided to take physical action against him. The person who was also involved in the first attack on Giri , is still threatening his family.

Journalist Saurab Giri is leading his displaced life currently living in The Netherlands. He is the most suffering journalist among other Nepalese journalists who have been seeking the refugee status. The concerned authorities need to know that if any journalists becomes victim in Nepal either Federation of Nepali Journalists ,  Freedom forum Nepal , Nepal press freedom ,  Insec ( Informal sector service)  raise their voice and also publish the news on their online portals.
Besides, international networks like www.ifex.org or  www.ifj.org also publish such news.


                                                                       Journalist Saurab Giri

Journalist Giri’s  news was also published by ifex . This shows that the case of said journalist is genuine. To give justice to people who have never suffered but to deny justice to a genuine journalist like Mr Giri may be tantamount to the mockery of human rights.

Police arrested two members of the said criminal group but they were released on bail later. This is but true that the criminal outfit will not spare Giri whenever it gets an opportunity. Nobody else but Giri knows the real situation he is passing through. Giri, who fled from his country after becoming victim, is now being victimised in his country of asylum. It’s yet to be seen if he gets justice. I am sure that when that underground group’s any members find journalist Giri then they will not worship him, they will harm him.

I met journalist Giri in The Netherlands and listened to his story. A news was also published in the Nepali edition of the Gorkhapatra daily. National and local news agencies of Nepal  have published the news about ‘Giri’s security and justice.

At this current situation journalist Giri is passing his life through very difficult stage being illegal. He goes in depression  without getting any justice and being sick from the lung disease regular two times .He took the   medicine of lung for almost twenty months. At this time he is using high doze depression  medicine. Journalist Giri ,who  was seeking for beautiful and safe life was admitted in Hospital Three times in Netherlands for more then one year. He is victim journalist but he did not get justice. He only knows the pain of his victim life staying illegal in abroad.