Press release of ANMA

इनेप्लिज २०७२ भदौ २८ गते २०:१३ मा प्रकाशित

Following discussions and a resolution of  a General Meeting of The Association of Nepalese in Midwest America (ANMA) in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA  on September 5, 2015, and following upon a number of previous statements on this very issue, ANMA would like to note:

ANMA, along with millions of Nepalis both in and out of Nepal, welcomes the new constitution of Nepal. We are now, however, distraught and saddened by the events associated with implementing it and making federalism a reality. In view of the violence and conflict that is now so prevalent, there is now call an urgent need for judiciousness on the part of our senior politicians because, as a noted Nepali journalist put it, “Nepal needs to step back from the brink and locate a just and humane resolution”.

We strongly believe that it is incumbent upon the Constituent Assembly members to exercise a vision keyed to the national interest, above and beyond individual and partisan agendas, and make the compromises needed.

The Association of Nepalese in Midwest America is a 35-year old organization primarily serving some 70,000 plus Nepalis and Nepali-Americans in the US Midwest.  We have always taken an interest in the events in, continuing development and progress of Nepal and have frequently, taken the lead in expressing our diaspora viewpoints.

Sushil Sharma, President, Association of Nepalese in Midwest America
3281 Tranquility Pt, Lexington KY 40509
Email:[email protected]