This is the time to rebuild Nepal :Dr. Thakur Pudasaini

इनेप्लिज २०७२ असार २४ गते २१:५२ मा प्रकाशित

dr thakur pudasaini

Dr. Thakur Pudasaini is currently engaged in Dulles university -Staff as Director of Academic relation, Vienna, Virginia and a Professor in American College of Commerce and Technology, Falls Church, Virginia.

Dr. Pudasaini served as a university dean in the United States and as Director of Administration, Nepal Electricity authority, a government undertaking, and as an Economist in the Central Bureau of Statistics, Planning Commission, in the government of Nepal.

In addition, for four years Dr. Pudasaini served as a leader of the America – Nepal Society, two years as Senior Vice President and two years as President. He holds the B.A, M.A., M.P.A., and D.B.A. degrees

Enepalese Rep Q. What background you have while you worked in Nepal?

As an economist in the Central Bureau of Statistics, Nepal I had an opportunity to see and examine Nepal’s socio economic indicator – As you know socio economic indicators/data are the major indicator that reflect the true picture of Nepal. I was engaged to supervise, monitor, collect, and present the socio-economic data that helped me to learn knowledge and skill regarding people, poverty, income, and employment in Nepal.

Likewise, I worked as an administrator in Nepal Electricity Authority that job promoted me as a full-fledged manager to perceive and observe all bureaucratic pros and cons.

Nevertheless, that was my golden opportunity and I would say in such a natural disaster period in Nepal we need to focus much on infrastructure development task rather than other political differences. This is the time to rebuild Nepal but not the debate in and between different stakeholders.

Enepalese Rep Q .So far you have spent many years working in education sector what you would like to suggest us?

Imparting education means transmitting knowledge, skills, and experiences to the needy group of the society. I remember the quotation by Nelson Mandela that education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. So I would like to say to all that gaining knowledge and skill is no doubt a cumulative asset for all.

Enepalese Rep Q .You were the President, Vice President of the America Nepal Society, one of the oldest volunteer organization in USA. What you would like to say further?

Again there is a quote by Pearl S. Buck that to serve is beautiful, but only if it is done with joy and whole heart and a free mind. It is true that social service is to overcome the remedies and be oriented all the time to help others by different means and activities. This is why I was also engaged with America Nepal Society for four years as President and Senior Vice President which was a exciting experiences regarding social services.

Enepalese Rep Q. Overall, what you would like to say to our audience?

It will be good if we able to do something for others- not all the time but at the time others really need it. It will be in the form of help of any kind. I would like to thank from my heart and giving me this opportunity to say some words.

Last but not the least, be helpful to others all the time is just like blessing from god all the time.