Message from the NRNA President, Shesh Ghale

इनेप्लिज २०७२ असार ६ गते १०:५४ मा प्रकाशित


Dear Fellow NRNs!

I want to start by thanking you all for joining hands unconditionally in the relief,

recovery and rebuilding operations as a big NRNA global team at a time our nation is

going through a historic loss and trauma due to the devastating earthquake. As a

result, you equivocally accepted to change the way we conducted our tradition of

European Regional Meeting for this time that was planned prior to the earthquake

disaster. This is one of the testimonies that we, NRNs are sensible, we care and we

feel and share the pain and suffering of our people whether at home or abroad.

I also want to thank and particularly mention all the past and present NRN and

Diaspora leaders from Europe, ICC Team, NCC Teams, the Media, the business

community for coming forward and joining hands by raising funds, sending relief and

the medical team in an effort to heal the wounds of our brothers and sisters back in


The volunteers who followed our footprints to be in the ground that looked like

warzone, you did not mind risking your lives in that physical danger of the

earthquake disaster, to help others, you are worthy of a praise.

You would have seen the report of the stage one relief in response to the disaster

from NRNA. Our commitment extends to re-build at least 1000 homes for the

earthquake disaster affected and needy families. We are working hard to identify and

establish the appropriate way of doing this and liaising with the government and

many other non government agencies. We will update you soon on this. In the

meantime, I request you to continue with your efforts of raising funds that we have

estimated as thirty five Crore Nepalese Rupees.

In the past two years since we took office of NRNA in October 2013, the NRNA has

gotten almost thirteen crore richer with the acquisition of land for the headquarters

building in the prime location of baluwatar. Thanks to every one of you who worked

very hard in the building fund raising campaign and those of you who contributed

funds believing in this worthy cause. This remains our work on progress with the

collection of committed funds, reaching the areas and NRN community in areas we

have not been yet and working towards the construction itself.

In the foreign employment welfare front, we have been working continuously to help

address the issues. We have signed a memorandum with Walk Free Foundation to

work together in issues concerning women and children. We are working on

establishing NRNA Foreign Employment Welfare Fund and liaising with Government

and other INGO’s operating in that arena. Many other humanitarian efforts have

been made by our NRN friends in Africa and Middle East in particular. More work to

be done in this ever increasing area of demand for welfare.

Our NRN colleagues have worked very hard in the areas of Philanthropy and

humanitarian help, Women’s concurrent issues and welfare, SKI, Institutional Review

and the like.

We have many challenges ahead of us. As we grow in our age and size as an

organisation and as we expand our network to more than 70 countries, we face new

type of challenges to remain as effective and committed to our organisational goal.

We have done much work in institutional review, revising our policy and procedure,

As much as it is crucial to remain consistent and everyone to follow the

organisational rules, guidelines, policies and procedure; it is not possible to achieve

its success without all of us as a greater NRNA organisation having our full

commitment towards it for the right reason. Much important is that we all in the

leadership of NRNA at all levels including in ICC and NCC remain committed and

vigilant to any behaviours that could harm the reputation of NRNA organisation as a


In valuing the hard work done by our past leaders and as we head towards the

global conference and many of our NCC’s are conducting their General Assemblies,

I urge on all of you at ICC and NCC leadership and our past and future leaders that

positivity, unity and inclusiveness are the key principals you will promote. It is our

collective duty to keep the organisation above any matters that can bring any

unhealthy practices to the organisation. Let’s all of us own our policies and

procedures in place and let’s implement them together for the greater good of NRNA


Thank you for your shared commitment and support in creating the united and

healthier NRN Community!

Shesh Ghale