Bimal Nepal “I will always be your Voice”NASeA Election 2015 Presidential Candidate

इनेप्लिज २०७२ असार ५ गते ११:१९ मा प्रकाशित



Help me serve you! 

NASeA Election 2015 Presidential Candidate Bimal Nepal 

“I will always be your Voice”

Respected Voters, Friends and Families from NASeA/ANMA Region and Beyond,

Respected Editors Online/TV/Print Media around the globe,

Greetings from NASeA!

I want to take this opportunity to announce myself as the Presidential Candidate of NASeA for the tenure of 2015-2017. I served NASeA for four years in various capacities, and currently I am the Executive Vice President of this organization. I am grateful for all the support and cooperation that I received from the Nepali people in this region while I served NASeA. At this time, it is my commitment to provide continuity and momentum in all the activities of NASeA.

I would like to present to you some of my strengths, experiences, and skills that I plan to use to strengthen NASeA:

Providing Unconditional Commitment and Dedication to Serve NASeA

I have a natural desire and passion to serve our community that reflects in every action I undertake. In order to serve NASeA as the President, I bring three-decade of experience and expertise in serving various community organizations in Nepal, Florida, and NASeA region.

Upholding Tradition, Culture, and By-Laws of NASeA 

As a President of NASeA, I will support and uphold the tradition, culture, and by-laws of NASeA and will work as the key player in leading my team of 2015-2017 Executive Committee. Together, we will give consistency to NASeA’s proud past and I will reach out to all partners: State/Student, Community organizations of this region. We will establish effective communication with leading regional and national organizations of USA in productive manner.

Bridging and Blending the Strengths of the U.S., and Nepal

NASeA is humbled by the cooperation it received from Nepali/Non-Nepali individuals, families, and organizations during the recent catastrophic earthquake in Nepal which left thousands dead and injured with massive structural damages. With right vision and hard work, I am convinced that NASeA can provide a framework for working together not only in NASeA region but between the U.S. and Nepal in the reconstruction process of Nepal.

Providing Partnership and Cooperation with Non-Nepalese Organizations 

I will play a key role in extending NASeA’s partnership and cooperation with Non-Nepalese Organizations. I will tap every opportunity to make our organization visible and vigorous to local, county, State, and national leadership so that our common voice as Nepali American in this great nation is heard.

Strengthening NASeA’s Life Membership and Representing the True Voice of NASeA’s  Members

Life members and general members are the assets of any organizations. During my Presidency, I will increase the life members and work to introduce various activities so that our life members as well as general members feel proud of being NASeA’s member.

Respected Voters, I strongly believe in democratic principles and processes which will be reflected on my day to day operation of NASeA. Please vote for me and as the elected President of NASeA, I will always be your voice. Important of all, I will be the catalyst to move forward NASeA’s ongoing agendas in productive manner as guided by our By-Laws.

As a President of NASeA, I will always remain loyal and accountable to all my general members and well-wishers of NASeA/ANMA region and beyond.

Help me serve you! Thank you for all your support!

Always for the community,


Bimal Nepal

Presidential Candidate

NASeA Executive Committee 2015-2017

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