The Nepali Women Global Network (NWGN) -Press Release

इनेप्लिज २०७१ फागुन २७ गते ११:१७ मा प्रकाशित
The Nepali Women Global Network (NWGN) strongly condemns the tragic death of six year old Pooja Shah of Kalaiya-8, Bara, Nepal and urges the Nepali government to swiftly bring the perpetrator to a fair sentence.  NWGN members are deeply disturbed by the incident and denounce this heinous crime. 
The six-year old minor was raped in Bara, Nepal and was found unconscious after she went missing on February 20, 2015. She was then immediately brought to Kathmandu and was treated in Kanti Bal hospital, Kathmandu. Sadly she died after 15 days of treatment on March 8th, 2015, which was also International Women’s day.
The Bara case has saddened all of us working in Human rights and children’s rights. On the same day, March 8, when women and men across the globe were coming together to celebrate International Women’s day, she died as a result of rape and lethal violence.  She is one of far too many rape victims in Nepal.
The NWGN asks the government to take this opportunity to address the rape laws of the land.Change is needed.The punishment for sexual assault and rapecrimes are currently not deterring offenders. To dramatically lessen and ultimately put an end to sexual assault in all its forms, the government needs to reform its laws pertaining to rape and gender inequality. We urge the Nepali government to take initiative to ensure security of girls and women and their right to live with dignity.
The NWGN seeks due process for 6 year old Pooja, an innocent victim; her soul will only rest when justice has been brought to her, her family, and millions of other rape victims.