Ujjwal S. Thakuri Received 3 Certificates and Honors

इनेप्लिज २०७४ मंसिर ११ गते २:१९ मा प्रकाशित


He received a testimony from his instructor LtCol Garry Klaus USMC Ret, GOJU Karate American Marine for his Extraordinary Martial Arts Skills & Expertise on November 12, 2017. It is mentioned that ujjwal thakuri who has received a myriad of honors, awards, and championship belt; such as world champion belt 2016 in North Carolina, world title belt holder in battle of Baltimore MD 2016, USA masters game two national gold medals in Greensboro, North Carolina. additionally , a recipient of Black Belt Legend award from American martial Alliance (AMAA) Washington Galore Harbor MD 2017, and is identified in the who’s who legend book. In addition, he is a Guinness world record holder since September 2017. Mr. Thakuri also received a letter that certifies him as an Instructor and Judge from GOJU Karate American Marine effective November 4, 2017. This certificate will now provide Mr. Thakuri another avenue to serve as an Instructor and Judge to better serve the Martial Art community and spread his knowledge base on Martial art to the community.

Secondly, he received a certificate from Nepal Embassy,Washington dc attesting to his extraordinary sportsmanship and several awards including the prestigious Guinness Records on November 20, 2017. The certificate further states that Mr. Thakuri has been performing in many athletic events and programs in USA since 15 years. He has been involved in the cultural activities of Nepalese communities in the USA. Mr. Ujjwal S Thakuri is on of he best athletes who was awarded the National and International award including “Black Belt Legend Award” by American Marshal Association (AMAA) and two national Gold medals in USA masters Game.

Further , he also received honor letter form “Nepal Player and Instructor Association” from Nepal Sports council . congratulate on holding a Guinness world record as entitled “the greatest weight lifted in van dam lift” . This is a remarkable success and will inspire a lot of coming generation form Nepal sports society to promote sports in Nepal. So on the behalf of Nepal player and instructor association has congratulate and appreciate of Mr. Ujjwal S. Thakuri’s hard work honor letter has provided to him.

Mr. Thakuri is the only one extra ordinary player that he challenge in the world by media and made The Guinness World Record for both in the USA /Nepal.

He previously announced in the media that he will complete his martial art games/competition in 10 different States and he did conclude it in the following states (NC,SC,VA,DC,MD,DEL,PA,NJ,NY,OH). He is also mentioned in the media about 10 gold medals but he received 16 gold medals in the USA . He proved the world by showing a winning record . He also created 5 different arts in a van dam style, and he demonstrated this art in 4 different states and received an extraordinary, international award