NASeA proudly contributes $1686.00 to Help Nepal Flood Victims

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NASeA proudly contributes $1686.00 to Help Nepal Flood Victims
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Respected Nepalese Community members and Friends of Nepal in NASeA region and beyond,
On behalf of Nepalese Association in Southeast America (NASeA) we express our heartfelt condolence for loss of precious lives due to recent flood in several Terai districts of Nepal. Thousands of people and their livelihoods have been effected by this flood. Once again, our beloved motherland Nepal faces a crisis of Natural disaster and we all need to extend our support. To overcome this situation, NASeA had immediately pledged  $499.00 (Four Hundred Ninety-nine dollars) and generously requested all to be part of this fundraising effort. At this moment, here in USA our hearts and prayer go out to all the victims of flood affected area due to hurricane Harvey in Texas and Louisiana. Let us all be the part of this humanitarian task.  
It is my great pleasure to share with you all that during NASeA 29th Executive Committee meeting which was also the last official meeting of the NASeA Executive Committee 2015-2017 held on Sunday, August 27, 2017 unanimously decided to dispatch the fund collected so far to Help Nepal Flood Victims for the immediate Relief work by our two reputed partner organisations Sangsangai (Natsha Wozniak) and Madheshi Association in America’s (MAA). They both have effective ground network in the flood affected area in Terai districts  of Nepal. 
As updated by Treasurer Pashupati Neupane  fund received and pledged so far is $1,686.00 from various donors including NASeA $499.00 initial contribution. For your kind information, today $843.00 (Eight Hundred and forty three dollars) has been wire transferred to the Sangsangai  and  Madheshi Association in America’s (MAA) to their respective bank account from NASeA Checking account. Please find the attached wire transfer documents.
Once again, I salute you all officers, Advisers, Former Presidents and NASeA well wishers for your immediate contribution towards raising the fund to help and support recent Flood Victims in Nepal.
I have copied Natsha, President of Sangsangai  and  Sangit Rauniyar, General Secretary, Madheshi Association in America’s (MAA).  With this note, I humbly request the respective organisations to update the status of  our contribution for the record purposes once the relief work in completed. I extend special thanks to Dr. Anup Srivastav for coordinating with MAA to expedite this humanitarian task.
Once again, I salute you all for the contribution and kindly request you all contribute!  If you have not yet contributed please act now and donate your part and touch the hearts of the flood victims:  
Please visit to find the donors list so far via online and their pledged contribution:
Always for Nepali American Community and Friends of Nepal! 
With Respect,
Bimal Nepal, 
And Executive Members 
Nepalese Association in Southeast America (NASeA)
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