The Long Road

इनेप्लिज २०७३ जेठ १४ गते २२:४४ मा प्रकाशित

sagar mukhiya

Here I am again

In the middle of nowhere

Strangers are passing me by and im standing still

With nothing but a heart of a coward inside

I can’t face the world where everybody is cruel

I can’t face the love which shook me by the bruises

People are walking into nowhere

Some does 9 to 5 some cooks some cleans some take orders

Some just leans

Everyone has a story

Story about their dreams story about their tragedies

I have a story too which includes all the pain ive gone through

And all the truth and the lies that I had hide under myself

Now I can’t deny that I’m not happy inside

There is an insect inside me which is more than ive seen

And more than I thought of them there’ll be

I open my eyes and see nothingness inside of me

Then I realize I’m standing still and no one is passing me by

i try to move but cant in a heart of a coward