2560 th Buddha Jayanti Observed in Edmonton, Canada

इनेप्लिज २०७३ जेठ १२ गते १३:०६ मा प्रकाशित


The Nepalese community living in Edmonton, Canada observed 2560 th Buddha Jayanti festival amidst a special culture event at Lansdowne Community Hall on May 22, 2016. The cultural event was organized by Newa Cultural Society of Alberta (NCSA). About 70 people from different ethnic background including local Canadians attended the cultural event to pay homage to Lord Buddha.


The cultural event was jointly inaugurated by Bodhi Guruma, a Canadian Buddhist Nun and President of Canadian Engaged Buddhism Association (CEBA); and Dr. Hemanta Joshi, President of NCSA, by lighting Twadewas, traditional Nepali artistic oil lamps. On his welcome speech, Dr. Hemanta Joshi, President of NCSA, highlighted the importance of celebrating Buddha Jayanti festival in the community annually. According to Dr. Joshi, Buddha Jayanti festival is not only of Newa or Nepali people but also the festival of the people of the world who believe in Buddha and Buddha’s teachings and principles. According to Dr. Joshi, Buddha’s teachings and principles are more important in today’s world than 25 hundred years ago as in today’s world violence, shootings, conflicts, terrorist activities, and wars are taking place each and every day in the world.


During the cultural event, Boddhi Guruma led the participants in the chanting of hymns to offer prayers to Lord Buddha. She spoke about Buddha Jayanti and highlighted on importance of Buddha’s teachings, noble paths and moral precepts for relieving from sufferings and peace in the world. According to her, Buddha Jayanti is observed each year to celebrate Buddha’s birth anniversary and commemorate his enlightenment and Mahaparinirvan.


In the cultural event, Mr. Tri Prasad Dhoubhadel, founder member and life member of NCSA, spoke about the influence of Buddha’s teachings and principles in those days and how Buddha’s message of peace and non-violence spread in the neighboring countries. Mr. Rabindra Shrestha, founder member of NCSA and coordinator of the Buddha Jayanti cultural event, highlighted on Buddha’s teachings and meditation path shown by Buddha to get rid from sufferings.


A cultural program comprising of spiritual songs and cultural quizzes related to Buddha Jayanti was presented during the cultural event to entertain audiences. Participants were also given an opportunity to take part in the Anapana meditation through video instructions during the cultural event. At the end of the cultural event, Bhojan Dan, a ritual of offering food to the monks, was organized offering varieties of ethnic food to Bodhi Guruma. Dr. Kishore Shrestha, Secretary of NCSA, thanked all the guests and participants for their support in making the cultural event highly successful and enjoyable. Dr. Pawan Nyachhyon, Vice-President of NCSA, facilitated thecultural event.


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