The Thick Lines

इनेप्लिज २०७२ फागुन ६ गते ०:५८ मा प्रकाशित


The nights when dogs bark

And the day when human sound like dogs

It’s the end of the era where humanity is lost

And we all act like dogs

Even the dogs have their senses

Even though they have the tiny heads

They know that you don’t bite the hands that feed

And they don’t eat their own kind

But we human kill each other for money power and respect

And end up with war

Then it comes to the color of your skin

But we humans forgets that we all are the same inside

Doesn’t matter what color what religion and where you are from

We all bleed

And when we bleed it hurts

Then the hurt of oneself becomes the enjoyment of the other human

No one listens to the cries

All they hear is laughter and the fake smile with thirst of blood inside