आइतबार, माघ ४ २०७७
काठमाडौं ०८:११
वासिङटन डिसी 21:26

Yomari Punhi Observed in Edmonton, Canada

इनेप्लिज २०७२ माघ २९ गते २३:१५ मा प्रकाशित


The Nepalese communities living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada recently observed annual Yomari Punhicultural festival amidst a special function at Duggan Community Hall on Saturday February 6, 2016. The cultural event was organized by Newa Cultural Society of Alberta (NCSA) with the support from the City of Edmonton.  About 70 people including local Canadians participated in the cultural event.


The cultural event was jointly inaugurated by honourable Richard Feehan, Minister of Indigenous Relations, Government of Alberta, and Dr. David Baine, retired professor of University of Alberta, by lighting upTwadewas, the traditional artistic oil lamps of Nepal.  After the inauguration of the cultural event, Ms. Bejuna Joshi, a senior lady from the Newa community in Edmonton, performed Puja of Annapurna offering freshly cooked Yomari (a unique Newa delicacy) and Arati.  Meanwhile, Yomari Punhi is celebrated on full moon day (usually falls on mid-December) after the end of the rice harvest in Nepal.  The Newa people celebrate Yomari Punhi worshiping Annapurna, as a gesture of acknowledging/thanking her for good harvest by offering Yomaries cooked from freshly harvested crop of sweet rice.


After the Puja of Annapurna, Dr. Hemanta Joshi, president of NCSA, delivered a welcome speech highlighting the importance of Yomari Punhi cultural festival.  According Dr. Joshi, NCSA was established about three years ago with an aim to practice, promote, and preserve Newa cultural and traditions in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  According to Dr. Joshi, Newa people believe that celebration of Yomari Punhibrings them health, wealth, good luck, and prosperity.  According to Dr. Joshi, organizing cultural events likeYomari Punhi regularly in the community not only bring people together in one platform for celebrations and socializations but also contribute in preserving and promoting Newa culture and traditions. 


In the cultural event, honourable Richard Feehan, Minister of Indigenous Relations, expressed his satisfaction to be part of the Yomari Punhi cultural celebration on behalf of Government of Alberta.  He spoke about the importance of maintaining culture as it helps us to define ourselves and give us a sense of who we are and allowing us to reach out beyond ourselves.  He praised the achievements made by NCSA in promoting and preserving culture and traditions in a short period of time.  He also presented certificates of appreciations to six outstanding NCSA volunteers.  Dr. David Baine, retired professor of University of Alberta, presented some of the interesting statistics about Nepal. 


In the cultural event, preparation of Yomari was demonstrated step by step.  All the participants were served with freshly prepared Yomari, Chatamari, and Achar as snack.  Participants were also entertained with vivid Newa cultural program (Lakhey dance, Dhimay dance, Yomari song and cultural quiz).  Exhibition of Newa artifacts and photos depicting Newa culture as well as cultural activities related to NCSA was displayed in the event.  At the end of the cultural event, Dr. Kishor Shrestha, Secretary of NCSA, thanked all the participants including guests, volunteers, and sponsors for the success of the event.  Mr. Sarju Ranjit and Dr. Nami Shrestha were the MCs in the cultural event.  A delicious ethnic dinner was served to all the participants at the end of the cultural event.