Major Highlights of 2013-2015 NASeA’s Achievements

इनेप्लिज २०७२ भदौ १५ गते १२:४७ मा प्रकाशित

Major Highlights of 2013-2015 NASeA’s Achievements

Under the Leadership of President Dr. Ram C. Baral

1) Achieved highest amount of life members (216) in the Americas’ Nepalese associations’ record

2) Provided Monthly Talk Sessions in international level

3) Published Nepalese e-journal `Shangril-La’ trimonthly serving for Nepalese audience in a global

4) Provided education through Nepali Schools in Atlanta (GA), Raleigh (NC), High Point (NC), and

various 9 places in Florida.

5) Revising the Bylaws by a `NASeA Bylaws Committee’ to take NASeA into the nationwide level

6) Strongly protected NASeA’s Bank Accounts. Rather sponsored and/or added various kind of

extra incomes several times which includes supporting deficit budget of Denver Convention as

7) Raised monies to for Nepal’s earthquake disasters near to $30,000

8) Raised and supported monies for Philippine Typhoon, Flood Victims in Nepal, and more

9) Conducted all kinds of high quality socio-cultural activities, festivities, and services

10) Historical General Election by contests in all 21 positions, 45 candidates contesting

11) Historically largest convention in the history of NASeA’s 25 years with the message of “Help to

Rebuild Nepal! Save the lost at any cost.”

12) Conducted more than 19 different working committees effectively

Major Committees

(1) Publication Committee: Chair Dr. Dilip Panthee

(2) Public Relations Committee: Chair Dr. Nar Gurung

(3) Nepalese Community Center: Dr. Prahlad Pant

(4) Membership Drive Committee: Bidya Gurung

(5) Nepali School Committee: Ambika Lohani Sharma

(6) Medical Committee: Chair Dr. Nita Thapa

(7) External Relations Committee: Chair Bimal Nepal

(8) Women and Children’s Committee: Sujata Dhungel

(9) Literary Committee: Chair Krishna Shrestha

(10) Cultural Committee: Chair Janak Baral

(11) Entrepreneur Committee: Lok Tiwari

(12) Information Technology Committee: Chair Shailendra Bajracharya

(13) Student Committee: Chair Pravin Poudel

(14) Academic/Professional Committee: Dr. Ramjee Sharma

(15) Finance Committee: Chair Ramji Koirala

(16) Bylaws Committee: Chair Dr. Ram Baral

(17) Bhutanese Nepali Committee: Tara Pun

(18) Joint Convention Committee: Chair Madhav Dhakal

(19) Election Committee: Chair Dr. Prahlad Pant