TPS, is it all the Nepalese organization’s common goal?

इनेप्लिज २०७२ वैशाख ३१ गते ९:५० मा प्रकाशित
As a member of American Immigration Lawyers Association I had the honor of reading the TPS request submitted to DHS in the AILA official Website. Along with two major organization there are 127 organization undersigning the request. Interesting enough, there are none of the Nepalese organization that have signed it other than ADHIKAR.

I wonder why? none of the Nepalese organization willing to participate in the mission? Or were we all running our separate races in various directions. Should the NRN which is the biggest of all Nepalese organization been part of it? or what of the Nepalese Journalists association who are always efficient in reaching the various issues to the public. There are close to 100 Nepalese organization in USA, would it harm to list their name as undersigned as it is all Nepalese issue.

I just felt the lots of Nepalese organization were left out who should have been included. As it is not one organization’s issue and all of us are trying from our end. Well I may be wrong, there may be some other justification but to see 127 undersigned names and not to see any Nepalese organization does not make sense to me.

Just hoping, at least in the time of crisis, we all can work together for a issue that might benefit all Nepalese.

Very truly yours,
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