Toronto Witnessing “Gopal Yonjan Memorial Live Musical Eve” on May 18, 2024

Enepalese Published on: May 18, 2024

Toronto is witnessing a first ever live musical night in fond memory of legendary Nepali lyricist, singer and composer Gopal Yonjan on May 18, 2024. The live musical program is happening in collaboration with Toronto based Nepali folk musical band Himalayan Vibes, local artists and Nepali music lover group.

Elucidating the significance of the program, event coordinator Mohan Thapa anticipated the program will be able to help preserve Nepali art , literature, culture and music in diaspora. Mr. Thapa also added that the event will be a platform to bridge the diaspora with legendary artists’ music of Nepal.

Himalayan Vibes, the Toronto based folk musical group’s musical lead and percussion maestro Mr. Sanuraja Maharjan expressed his confidence that the program definitely will help preserve unique Nepali music , culture and tradition and spread the message of unity among Nepali people residing around the world through the thread of music.

Similarly, program organizing committee member Mr. Rabindra Ghimire opined that the event will help keep alive Nepali culture and music in international level where as another committee member Mr. Basanta Thapa enunciated his happiness for overwhelming support from the community to make the program a grand success and envisaged the cooperation and encouragement from the community will be continued in future too.

Late Mr. Yonjan, born in 1943 in Darjeeling, who dedicated his entire life to preserve and excel Nepali music, was accoladed with various awards and honor. His singularity in music composition ranges from classical to modern genre, whether patriotic, modern or folk numbers, were massively liked by music lovers.

In the program, acclaimed composer and singer Mr. Poorna Nepali will also be honored with his rendition in the program.