Enepalese Published on: May 13, 2024

SINARCHIA KINGDOM: From the time immemorial, Nepal is an independent country; never conquered and still flickering Sun atop unique triangular flag with pride and prestige. This is the only country in the world which do not celebrate independent day. Nepal is the pious land blessed by Guru Gorakshanath meaning “Never Ending Peace And Love” = NEPAL. Many people have been realizing that Nepal, India, Tibet is the most spiritual places on earth but they do not know that Mt. Kailash and Tibet used to be under Nepal once upon a time and half of India used to be Nepal just 72 years ago. All the 64 Jyotirlinga (divine light emerged on earth) lies in greater Nepal. The” Greater Nepal” had spread half of today’s India including Punjab, Kashmir, Delhi, Agra, Calcutta, Sikkim, Aasam, Bhutan, Tibet, Holy Mt. Kailash and Leh Ladakh. Nepal government has crystal clear evidence stamped from both side governments. In fact, India is a very new nation born in 1947 AD freed from the claws of British. The name ‘India’ was given by the British ruler which means group of stupid, hooligans, and uncivilized people according to the 2nd edition Oxford Dictionary. Long before, ‘Bharat-khanda’ (which is today’s India) was ruled by the great King Bharat of Nepal having base capital in Bharatpur-Nepal. Still his Kingdom Bharatpur lies in Narayanghat district of Nepal. So, not to be confused, Bharat Barsa is the entire Indian subcontinent ruled by the King Bharat which is the ancient greater Nepal and the name of India “Bharat-Khanda” means the colony of King Bharat.

ANCIENT HISTORY: Nepal used to be called ‘Satyawati’ in Satyayug, ‘Muktidaini’ in Tretayug, ‘Bharatbarsa’ in Dwaparyug and ‘Nepal Mandal’ in Kaliyug. The Kirat Civilization is the world’s most ancient civilization where Mahadev himself (disguising as Kirateshwor) had ruled Nepal. Then, Khasang or Khas civilization (which had developed in between Khasa and Tibet) is the ancestors of Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Mongolian. And the third one is Aryan Civilization which started from the Mahabharata hills of Nepal. Jungle gypsy is called ‘banar’ (does not mean monkey) and those banar started to build a house, engage in cultivation and follow the Vedic rituals; latter they were called Aryan- civilized human beings. In the course of time, those Aryans moved towards Indus Valley, Mesopotamia, Caucasus areas and gradually around the world. The origin is the same, so that we find the cultural similarities in between these civilizations viz. Shivalinga worshipping, Trident, Swastika, Garuda, Nags, Hanuman, Bhagawan Ram and Krishna’s idols. Anthropologists have discovered such valuable information these days to prove Nepal is the origin of human civilization. We can easily find the origin of human beings when we start tracing footprints of nation’s history. For instance; America is just 245 yrs. old, Australia and Dubai was established in 1901, India 1947, Bangladesh and Pakistan 1971 and there are hundreds of new nation. Most of the country’s history is not more than 500 years old, very few of the countries are 2000 / 3000 years old whereas the recorded history of Nepal is more than 7,600 years old. Certainly, Nepal is the origin of human civilization- the land of Devas, Vedas, Rishimunis and the ultimate destination for the peace seekers.

GREATER NEPAL: In order to understand the authentic history of Nepal, one must understand- the Greater Nepal, Vedic Sanatan Dharma, The 4 Vedas and 18 Purans, Nalanda University, Himwat Khanda, Chakrawarti Raja, Sinarchia, Sun atop unique flag and the great King Bharat. Nepalese recorded history starts from Chakrawarti King Manu and Satrupa who had ruled entire world in the beginning of human civilization. Then long later, approximately 7,200 yrs. ago King Bharat (having base capital in Bharatpur- Nepal) had ruled entire Indian subcontinent- till Iran in the west and Vietnam in the east. The name of the country ‘Bharat’ inherits from King Bharat. Also in Sanskrit language ‘Bharat’ means the land imbued with Divine Wisdom and it is no other place but Nepal because it is the pious land where the 4 Veda and 18 Puran (the source of all the literature, religious texts and scientific discoveries) was composed. It is a big misconception people have as Bharat denotes for India. But it is not true. In fact, ancient Nepal’s name was Himwat Khanda or ‘Bharat Barsa’. We all know that British ruled India for 250 years, Mugals/ Islams ruled for 700 years. Before that India was ruled by Great Kings of Nepal; Maurya, Gupta, Lichhivi, Kirat. Just 2,300 years ago the Maurya emperor of Greater Nepal – King Ashoka had ruled till Afghanisthan having base capital in Pataliputra. Now, this place lie in the map of India (no doubt) but if we establish the greater Nepal ignoring British’s cunning act of Sugauli Sandhi –then entire world will understand the real history of Nepal. Sugauli treaty is sheer deceptive because Gajraj Mishra and Chandra Shekhar, representative of Nepal, have not returned till now and there is no authentic stamp from the government of Nepal in the treaty paper. Let me remind once again that the Greater Nepal had spread half of India, some part of Bangladesh, Assam, Bhutan, Tibet, Holy Mt. Kailash, Leh Ladakh, Kashmir, Delhi, Agra, Allahabad and Punjab too. Historic pillar kept by Janga Bahadur can be found in the river bank of Ganga. The Greater Nepal was in existence till 1947 AD and Tibet was the colony of Nepal till 1957 AD. Still one can see Nepal’s King Mahendra’s currency and tax paper in the drawer of Tibetans. Just the cunning India has kept servants in the parliament of Nepal and ruling us politically, economically. Present political system has been badly ruined by RAW (Research And Analysis Wing)-the spy agent of India and European Union for their vested interest making Nepal a nice platform to watch China and south Asia. My personal thankfulness goes to Duryodhan Modi (prime minister of Nepa) for creating an Issue of Akhanda Bharat because this agitation will certainly restore Greater Nepal very soon. No one can hide Sun in his/ her palm. Modi’s act is somewhat like pulling skirt upward and hiding shame.

VEDAS AND THE VEDIC SANATAN DHARMA: It is said that Indians can sell comb to a bald-headed man. Absolutely it makes sense because Indians have been advertising Yoga-Meditation, Ayurveda, and Astrology etc. as their possession. How can they dare to do such thing whereas Maharishi Veda Vyasa (compiler of the 4 Vedas and the 18 Purans) was born in Nepal. All the Rishimunis who developed Vedanta and mantra were born in Nepal. Sanskrit verse ”…Bharat Tailya purna prajwolito gyana maya pradip” clearly shows that Nepal is the pious land for divine wisdom. The ancient poets of Nepal used to write ‘Bharat’ in their article and poems. Muktikshetra, Ruru Kshetra, Pashupat Kshetra and Baraha Kshetra are Chardham – the four most religious sites for entire human being. And, all the 64 Jyotirlinga (Shiva linga) lies in Nepal too. Again, cunning Indian advertised their replica Shivalinga and so-called char-dham which have confussed people greatly. It is so sad for not knowing the original Haridwar, Rishikesh, Vanaras, Prayag, Ujjyan of Nepal and being attracted to Indian advertised spots. O’ La La! Indians have earned nicely by marketing our Yoga- Meditation, Ayurveda, Astrology, Vedas, Vedanta etc and Nepalese are unaware of it – So nasty. We do not find the word ‘Hindu’ in any literature before 1940 AD. But afterward, they printed Hinduism in every books and developed strategy to make Nepal into a Hindu country instead. Whereas, Nepal is the origin of Vedic Sanatan Dharma- pavilion of all the religious sects. No need to talk with isms; Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Judaism, Maoism, Islam and Christianity too. India’s strategy to spread Hinduism in Nepal and Europeans strategy to spread Christianity in the name of secular state is alike. It is said that sprinkling salt water kills plants, similarly RAW and EU tried to attacked our Vedic language and culture. We did not heed on conspiracy rather thought a wise person who speaks fluent English. We started using the rubbish word SIR as it is the abbreviation of ‘Slave I Remain’. Madam is a soft word to address (prostitute lady) randy’s leader and we started using ‘madam’ instead of cordial Nepali words didi/ bahini. Instead of saying heart touching word ‘Aama’ we started saying ‘Mummy’ – meaning dead person. We started to drink poisonous coca cola with neck-tie. It is all ridiculous! See how our Vedic culture is ruined. British intended to destroy the glory of Greater Nepal. Therefore, asked Max Muller to twist history and distort the Vedic wisdom. Richard Dyer established Whisky culture in Calcutta in order to destroy our Vedic culture. At the same time Casino and Prostitute sites were developed during British rule in India. It is all for earning money and destroying our glorious Vedic culture. Forcefully, cunning British established Churches and English medium schools because they knew the nicest way to destroy country are through education and religious faith. Till now, same legacy is being carried by clever Indians.

BIRTH PLACE OF BHAGAWAN RAM-KRISHNA-BUDDHA: It is the pious land where Bhagawan Ram, Krishna and Buddha took birth. Bhagawan Ram was born in Ayodhya-Chitwan Nepal; however India built a replica of Ayodhya just like the King of Thailand build Ayodhya (meaning a peaceful land) in Thailand. The ancient name of Bangkok was Ayuttha, the word derivate from Ayodhya due to language transmission. Similarly, Ruru Rishikesh and Damodar kunda (where Bhagawan Krishna spent his childhood) obviously proves that Bhagawan Krishna was born in Nepal. Moreover, entire world knows that Bhagawan Buddha was born in Lumbini-Nepal. The Ashok pillar inscription “… Dewana Piyena Piyedasina Bishatiwasa….” Is the crystal clear evidence showing the birth-place of Siddhartha Gautam Buddha. Despite of crystal clear evidence, India is claiming Bhagawan Buddha was born in India. To prove this fact, they have stolen ancient bricks from Lumbini Nepal for building replica Lumbini in India. It is so ridiculous. Indian government’s has tired their best to bribe our stupid leaders and hide authentic history. But, the stone and metal plate scriptures are the strong evidence to talk about such landmarks and Greater Nepal. Indians are so cunning just like the name given by British rulers. May you know that the 2nd edition of Oxford dictionary says Indian means group of hooligans, uncivilized people. And, as this meaning says- Indians took our Vedic culture, Vedas, Mantras even the name ‘Bharat’ from us and twisted history. They are playing our trumpet boasting as if it belongs to them. Sugauli treaty is one of the greatest conspiracies from East India Company and still India is plying a political game to have power control over Nepal in order to occupy Nepal’s treasure-trove (Hydropower, Himalaya Herbs, Gemstones, Mines, Timber, Pebbles and what not?). This is the reason why India did not accept the Zone of Peace (ZoP) proposition made by King Birendra in 1975. But, over 140 nations happily endorsed the proposition as they were aware that Nepal is the land of Veda, Buddha and Mt.Everest. This simply proves the devilish intention of India isn’t it? Never-the-less, once we review the treaty, automatically Greater Nepal receives justice. When lease taken Hong-Kong is given back why not our own land? However, once a patriotic Nepalese comes in the political power- peace and prosperity will be right there. Definitely, India will reap bad Karma by 2024 AD.

INDIA’S VESTED INTEREST FOR NATURAL RESOURCES: It is so true that India is alive because of the 11,000 rivers flowing towards India. Pure water drops can be found in veins of every Indian Citizens. Entire train track of India was possible because of the Shorea Robusta (saal) trees taken from Nepal. India is safeguarded by the Gorkha youths of Nepal otherwise Pakistan will take over India within a week. The brave Gurkha freed Indians from the British slave. Lakhan Pade is Gorkhali, Subash Chandra Bosh is Gorkhali, Lal Bahadur Shastri is Gorkhali, Ballav Bhai Patel is Gorkhali. Even Mahatma Gandi belongs from western part of Nepal. Gandhi’ family used to sell perfume (gandha) so the perfume seller became Gandhi. The Vedanta scholar Vivekananda belongs to Bhattarai family of eastern Nepal. He did his schooling in Calcutta when his father was a priest in one of the Durga temple in Calcutta. At that time Calcutta belonged to Nepal. Still there is a place named ‘Nepalgunj’ meaning sea port of Nepal. Unfortunately, the keys of all the river dams are in Delhi. Isn’t this encroachment? India just tries to hide such facts cleverly. No doubt, India is a great leach sucking Nepal politically, economically and spiritually. For an instance, 98 % of the members of parliament are the watch dogs of India and more than 16,000 political leaders receive monthly salary (as a token of love) from Indian embassy. The so-called Sadhus -Gurus have ruined spiritual essence too. India sells Indian motors in Nepal for 3 times over price of India. All the business, banks, insurance companies belongs to Indians. India makes Nepal’s law in its own interest and benefit. It took 8 years and 8 billion USD to make the constitution of Republic Nepal. Still the constitution of Nepal is not full-fledged constitution because of loopholes kept by India and European Unions. MCC is a handsome investment of American government for ruling south Asia. Approximately 55,000 NGO / INGO is another curse for the prosperity of Nepal where there is just 43,000 Village Development committee. Disastrous development of these fake INGOS’ is just like an old lady with virgin make-up. Once we unmask the reality of these projects, we find destroying strategy only from several aspects. It is just like a wolf massaging cow’s tail and taking out intestine. Hence, Nepal is not a freedom country internally as it looks from outside. Nepalese has been becoming a lab frog and dearest cow for India and a parrot in a golden cage for European Union. Never-the-less, Nepalese are conscious these days and drastic change will take over shortly.

ANCIENT SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERIES: It is so sad that we did not recognize Maharshi Veda Vyasa (compiler of the 4 Vedas and 18 Purans)- the source of all the literature, religious texts and scientific discoveries. Nepal had ‘Jangambani’ (mobile), Susankhya (computer), Biman (aero plane) when westerners’ were living by hunting. Nalanda University (world’s first university and the biggest university from 700 BC till 15th Century AD) was in Greater Nepal where Jesus Christ, Pythagorous, Fibonacci and thousands of scholars had studied. The western scientists were highly inspired by the Vedas and Bhagawat Geeta and we are taught as if apple started falling down from Newton’s time. Nicola Tesla was inspired by ‘Aakash Tatwa’ (the infinite energy) one of the chapter of Vedanta given by Vivekananda. Consequently all the modern scientific discoveries were possible because of Nicola Tesla’s inspiration. Indians privatized our Vedic property whereas westerners did deep research and re-discovered modern science. Wright brothers were able to fly an aero-plane after receiving project plan of Bimanshasta (the science of making an aero-plane) which was stolen by Brothers Raleigh Company Britain. Remember, one of the Vedanta Acharya had flown an aero plane in front of Nepal’s King 14 years before Wright brother’s discovery. Just the Rana King had stopped the aero- plane project plan so that cunning British would not know and will not attack Nepal. This incident proves that we used to have an aero-plane long before western discoveries. Moreover, Bimanikashastra written by Maharshi Bhardwaj (born in eastern Nepal, approximately 5,000 yrs. ago) is the detail explanation of making 72 types of flying aero-plane. “Gurkha, flying a swift and powerful Vimana (fast aircraft) hurled a single projectile (rocket) charged with the power of the universe (nuclear device). An incandescent column of smoke and flame, as bright as ten thousand suns, rose with its entire splendor”. The above statement from Mahabharata shows that Nepal had exclusive flying aero-plane 5,000 yrs. ago. All these Vedic wisdom were hidden so people did not know about the glory of ancient Nepal. We are not poor at all but Indian’s encroachment socially, politically, spiritually made us in pathetic condition. Also, twisted history from crazy writers like Max Muller has hidden Nepal’s authenticity.

Nataraj idol has been kept at CERN Laboratory with due respect saying “…… because now science has come to the conclusion that the perpetual creation and destruction of universe is like the cosmic dance of Lord Shiva” says Fritjof Capra- one of the renowned physicist of 21st century. The greatest finding of 21st century is the God particle / Higgs Boson and it appreciates our Vedic Wisdom. Great scientist like Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Galileo, Isaac Newton, Nicola Tesla, Archimedes, Benjamin Franklin, J. Robert Oppenheimer, Fritjof Capra and thousands of modern scientists were deeply inspired by the Vedic wisdom. Who has not read Vedanta and Bhagawat Geeta is rare to find in western world. The source of Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, Isaac Newton’s Gravity motion, Stephen Hawking’ big bang theory and black hole finding, the scientific discoveries from Nicole Tesla is possible because of Bhagawat Geeta ! The Vedic verse “Haridev Jagajaga Deva Hari” will be the exact explanation done in E=mc2. The mysterious ancient Baghdad battery has already been explained in Agastya Samhita. NASA has invited more than 60 Vedic scholars for astronomy assistance as they are unable to read Sanskrit verses for the meaningful discoveries. Still, it costs billion of dolor for NASA to discover planets motion whereas Rs 60 patro (ancient calendar of Nepal) will tell the exact time of solar eclipse, lunar eclipse and planets / constellation condition. Isn’t it stupendous!

MONUMENTS AND ARCHITECTURE: Any foreigners gaze with awe and wonder to the monuments of Kathmandu valley. There was no country like America and Australia when such masterpiece of architecture was built. May you visit the national museum of Cyprus someday, you will see a magnificent picture of Nepali forefathers standing with Topi – Daura- Suruwal – Sari cholo, whereas Indian bhaiya is just with half lungi and western people are naked. The stupendous depiction of human civilization of that time is mind-blowing. Ancestors of Nepal were chanting Vedic Mantra while westerner’s were living by hunting wild animals with stone and spears. Just imagine the glorious history of ancient Nepal. Now, we are compelled to read western history, science, literature forgetting our Vedic civilization, it is so sad. And those science, literature texts were stolen from us during British rule in India. Mughals stole thousands of great books from Nalanda University and millions of books were burnt. Despite of their savage act we have saved important books enough for the sinarchia- harmonious rule after 2024 AD.

SANSKRIT LANGUAGE AND MANTRA: Sanskrit is the language of God and mother of all the languages. Many western schools and university have applied Sanskrit language. NASA is trying to apply Sanskrit fonts in Computer for accurate calculation and knowing the world beyond. Chinese, Japanese and Koreans burn oil lamp in front of our Devanagari script saying holy mantara. But it is so sad that people do not know that Panini, born in Arghakhachi- Nepal, composed Sanskrit grammar during the establishment of Nalanda University. This is the reason Nepal’s Devanagari script is 95% closer to Sanskrit. Mantra is another most important thing in life. Maharshi Vishwamitra composed Gayatri mantra residing at Kusheshwordham and Maharshi Vashista had composed Mahamrityunjaya mantra residing at Devghat. Unfortunately, google shows saying Indian mantra or Hindu mantra. In fact, mantra is just a mantra. It does not belong to India or Hindu religious sect. Rishimunis of Nepal had composed mantra for the sake of all human being on earth. However, we are suppressed by idiot Indians who have written Shiva is an Indian God too. Who gave passport to Lord Shiva? Isn’t it ridiculous? And it is easy to privatize Bhagawan Ram- Krishna and Buddha when they can privatize Lord Shiva. Obviously, innocent Nepalese are fooled by Indians easily.

BHARAT DOES NOT MEAN INDIA: Digging history of Nepal, Pashupati coins of Nepal were used in Indian subcontinent once upon a time. And, Nepal’s currency was the strongest currency in the world during Pratap Malla’s regime, 300 yrs ago. Million tons of rice shack were given to Korea, Bangladesh and India during starvation approximately 7 decade ago. Nepal only used to supply 35% grains of the world crop cultivation. People may keep mouth open if they know that our King Janga Bahadur had tipped 25,000 British Pound to Queen Elizabeth for warm hospitality. The King of Nepal had sent expert architectures to build Birmingham palace for helping Queen Elizabeth. This is the reason why Birmingham palace is one of the finest examples of Vastushastra (fengsui) and world’s classic building. Thus, Birmingham Palace, Great Wall of China and Tajmahal of Today’s India were built by the Nepalese architectures. Inscription of thankfulness to Nepalese chief engineer can be seen in Birgingham Palace and Great Wall of China. Entire world will slowly know that Yoga-Meditation, Ayurveda, Astrology, Astronomy had started from Nepal. At this moment Google and Wiki says ‘ancient India’ whenever people search in Google / Wikipedia for yoga, meditation, spirituality, Vedas etc. However, people do not know that ancient India means Bharat’s Kingdom which is but glorious Greater Nepal. Just before independence of India, Nepalese poets used to write ‘Mero Bharat’ when writing articles about own country. Such phrase can be found in Laxmi Prasad Devkota’s poem too just before India got freedom. Praising Veda Vyasa for the supreme composition of the Veda, the Vedic mantra says- “Yana Twaya Bharat Tailya Purna Prajwolito Gyanamaya Pradeep”. And, it is all describing about the glory of Vedic Sanatan Dharma which started from Nepal. The constitutional assembly building of Delhi used to be Nepal’s ruling house once upon a time. India is using our Bikram Sambat calendar since the rule of Greater Nepal’s King Ashoka. Another, great example of grandeur and beautiful Nepal can be read in the book ‘Aatmakatha’ written by Harivansh Rai Bachchan- father of Amitabh Bachchan. He has summarized in one sentence- “I had been wondering why a tiny country Nepal possess classic glory in several dimension. Ultimately, realized the Sinarchia rule and grandeur of Nepal as she is ruled by the God himself in the disguise of King.” Understanding the importance of Nepal, Indians used to save every penny throughout life just dreaming to see beautiful Nepal. Chinese traveller Huang Xiang had appreciated about magnificent Nepal in his travelogue. Even, Jesus Christ had written “Ishaputramcha Kumari Garbha Sambhava” meaning – the son of God (me) is so lucky to pay homage in the land of living goddess Kumari and he had written in metal plate “Nepal- a true Shambhala’. He spent 18 years in Nepal learning Veda and Vedic rituals. May the world know that he had received enlightenment at Ruru Rishikesh- Palpa –Nepal.

BRAVE GURKHAS OF MIGHTY HIMALAYA: After suffering heavy causalities during invasion of Nepal, the British east India Company had to sign a hasty peace treaty in 1815 AD. Approximately 36,000 well armed British soldiers had lost lives while trying to tease Nepal. It is said that British had not bear such a great loss while fighting with half of the world but huge loss just fighting with a small kingdom Nepal. Since then, British Army chief said “If someone says-I am not afraid of death, either he is telling lie or he is a Gurkha soldier.” Another British captain also said “I do not step back with any soldiers of the world but my heart trembles when I hear the word ‘Gorkha’.” These two statements are enough to narrate Gurkha soldier’s bravery. Now, Gurkhas are the integral part of British Army as the government of Britain receives 600 Gurkha solider with due respect as an intelligent peace keeping force. Nepal is contributing UN peace keeping force by sending thousands of Nepal Army every year. Simply Gurkha solider use Khukuri- the most dazzling weapon of its classic worth and keeps enemies eye away. These brave Gurkhas dwell beneath the Himalaya.

Nepal Himalaya is more than snow chunk-mountains. It is the origin of human civilization and the ultimate destination for the peace seekers. Magnificent Himalaya is the abode of Lord Shiva, Astanag, Astamatrika, mystical snowman ‘Yeti’ and Astachiranjivis (the eight immortal souls). Shambhala or Agartha whatever mystics are describing is nowhere but the Himalaya of Nepal. Therefore, Himalaya is the treasure trove for natural resources and spiritual charm. All the meditators crave for possessing Rudraksha, ‘the altruism bead’ and it was germinated in Bhojpur- Nepal out of Rudra’s tears. Rudraksha comes from the two words Rudra + Aksha meaning Rudra’s tear in Sanskrit. Indian Hybrid Rudraksha mala (108 beads) costs Rs 100 whereas just one Rudraksha bead costs Rs 100 if Rudraksha is from Bhojpur Nepal. One can simply understand the worth of the original Rudrasha. And, one mukhi or one facet Rudraksha is priceless as the bead itself utters AUM sound repeatedly.


(a) Everyday India moves pillar for enlarging territory. Kailali, Kalapani, Lipulekh border encroachment is one of the burning issue.

(b) India has stolen ancient bricks from Lumbini – the birthplace of Bhagawan Buddha in order to build replica Lumbini in India.

(c) India buys electricity from Nepal at Rs 2 per unit and sells at Rs 11 per unit again to Nepal. So brain-washing business isn’t it?

(d) ‘Mt. Everest is in India’ can be seen in India’s primary school curriculum books.

(e) India used panoramic view of Annapurna Himalaya Range in order to promote yoga-meditation in duplicate Rishikesh.

(f) Indian vegetables/ fruits/ crops (full of pesticide) are imported without check-up whereas Nepalese farmers are compelled to throw organic vegetables in the highway.

(g) India has imposed high taxes for re-condition Japanese car so that they can sell Indian cars to Nepal.

(h) It is so sad that Indian car enter Nepal freely whereas Nepalese vehicle needs special permission from the embassy of India talking a month long process.

(i) India has kept Indian Bhatta priest in Pashupatinath temple to make Pashupatinath– a Hindu temple. Christians making tombs at Pashupatinath premises and Keeping Indian Hindu priest in Pashupatinath temple is fundamentally the same thing.

(j) India takes away million tons of Himalayan herbs from Nepal and sells to Europe in Euro. Whereas India sells poisonous medicine to Nepal written ‘Only for Nepal’ making us a lab frog. It simply proves that those medicines do not meet international medical standard isn’t it?

(k) Indian movies are freely shown in Nepal without any censorship whereas Nepalese movie needs to go long censorship process.

(l) Approximately 17% of the national budget of India comes from the taxes imposed to precious Himalayan Herbs and Himalayan gemstones taken from Nepal.

(m) India publishes our Veda, Vedanga, Purans and boasts for authentic wisdom provided to the world.

(n) India has created replica of Nepal’s Chardham (Muktikshertra, Rurukshertra, Barahakshetra, Pashupat kshetra) in India and advertised a lot. As a result, all people think chardham is in India.

(o) It is so sad that we are not allowed to use river water for irrigation purpose. We have to let the water flow towards India because of the previous treaty done bribing stupid leaders of Nepal. It is just like selling eyes and living blind isn’t it?

Eventually, the principle of Greater Nepal lies in Vedanta. Therefore, history of Nepal is undefeatable and eternal. Twisting and turning from idiots will not work at all. Stone scriptures, metal plates and Jange Pillars in Agra kept by Janga Bahadur are the crystal clear evidence of Greater Nepal. The history written by the brave Gurkhas cannot be deleted at any cost. Betraying treaties will be torn out very soon. The issue of Akhanda Bharat is certainly boosting-up for the restoration of Greater Nepal. India will be divided into 10 India and America will be divided into 10 America because of their bad Karma. Again, not to be confused; Nepal is not a Hindu country and India does not mean Bharat. Once people understand the authenticity of Bharat, Greater Nepal, Veda and Vedic Sanatan Dharma many things will become clear. Anyway, World peace is next to impossible unless Vedic Sanatan dharma is restored. Sinarchia will occur again from Nepal’s Suryabanshi Kingship for a harmonious rule. Baba Gorakshanath has already selected Devas for the noble cause. Very soon, entire world will know the glory and inevitability of Nepal once Gorakh Adhirajya Nepal comes into existence.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           JAYA GORAKH !