Lyaymha America Guthi successfully completed its 3rd Biskaa Jatraa Celebration- 2024

Enepalese Published on: May 12, 2024


Lyaymha America Guthi successfully completed its 3rd Biskaa Jatraa Celebration- 2024 on Saturday, April 20, 2024, in Northern Virginia, DMV area in the presence of around 600 respected community members, various organizations, and media representatives. The event lasted from 12:00 pm to 7:30 pm and was dedicated to providing the community with an immersive educational and entertaining cultural experience. It exceeded expectations, leaving attendees with cherished memories and a deeper appreciation for the culture and festival.

The event started with the commencement of puja of Lord Ganesh in the khat with puja thalis brought by the members from their home. The participants of the festival were blessed with tika, kokha and moni sinha from Mrs. Tari Maya Maharjan. From the moment the event started, children and their families were treated to a kaleidoscope of culture and activities (rock painting, arts and crafts), various games(tug of war, hot potato), and face painting focused on Nepali cultural images.

The crowd were fascinated to witness various festive cultural dances showcasing rich tapestry of music, dance, and storytelling that included the unique live Dhimay dance (performed by wonderful children: Aiden Sikhrakar, Neaisha Shrestha, Milan Thapa, Wonjala Prajapati, Keagan Sikhrakar, Lumana Shrestha, Elaina Shrestha, Lakas Prajapati, Nirvan Thapa, and Sumanshu Maharjan). The Dhimay dance was chore graphed and played by Pushkar Prajapati, bhushya played by Sugandha Shrestha and flute played by Manish Maharjan. The classical Ganesh Bandhana dance was choreographed by Laxmi Ghimire and was performed by the talented Arya Ghimire, Deepa Devi Kandukuri, and Saurabhi Mohan.

The Newari dance, Ayela Luwaya, was performed by Kala Thapa, Sani Bista, Shourya Bhandari, Samridh Shrestha, and Samidha Shrestha. Samidha Shrestha also performed another Newari dance, Sachika China. A very special Biskaa Jatraa themed dance, choreographed by Deepika Shrestha Rajbhandary, was performed by the following children: Nirvan Thapa, Sumanshu Maharjan, Abhik Shrestha, Avash Shrestha, Ashree Rajbhandary, Ayana Rajbhandary, Ava Shrestha, Shreja Shrestha, Milan Thapa, Neaisha Shrestha, Keagan Sikhrakar, Aiden Sikhrakar, Lumana Shrestha, Nibhish Man Karmacharya, Lakas Prajapati, Wonjala Prajapati, and Abhinav Subedi. The Kumari dance was performed by Deepika Shrestha Rajbhandary. Another intriguing performance of the event was the unique Sarangi fusion with maadal and dhimay that was performed by Yeju Shrestha in Sarangi and Janak Shrestha in Basuri. Along with the cultural program, a special interactive taekwondo demonstration was performed by Aiden Sikhrakar, Keagan Sikhrakar, and Neaisha Shrestha, creating excitement among the younger attendees to eagerly participate.

One of the main highlights of the festival was the authentic Newari Cuisine, Samay Baji. After the mouthwatering and much anticipated feast, the event continued with the brief explanation of Biskaa Jatraa by Dr. Roshan Shrestha. During the event, the guest speaker Dr. Naresh Shakya of Newah Naka of New York expressed excitement on attending the 3rd Biskaa Jatraa Celebration 2024, congratulated Lyaymha America Guthi for successfully organizing the event, and expressed appreciation for the role in preserving and promoting Newah culture and heritage in the DMV area. The dedication and contribution of the active members and the sponsors were recognized by theinauguration of Tamapatra by the Mr Pushkar Prajapati (the president), Mr. Aadish Bajracharya (the youngest child in the event) and Mr. Ram Krishna Prajapati (theoldest man in the event). Tokens of appreciation were awarded to the life members and the sponsors. The performers were recognized for their months of hard work with special gold medals engraved with Lyaymha America Guthi logo. The event continued with the introduction of the new executive team: Mr. Pushkar Prajapati (President), Mr. Sugandha Shrestha (first Vice President), Mr. Mani Om Shrestha (second Vice president), Mrs. Rinku Gurung Sikhrakar (General Secretary), Mr. Niresh Khadgi (Secretary), Mrs. Sujita Dangol (General Treasurer), Mrs. Sakuntala S. Karmacharya (Treasurer), Mr Ashish Chakradhar (Member-at-large), Mr. Niranjan Shrestha

(Member-at-large), Mr. Bal Krishna Prajapati (Member-at-large), Mr. Subin Shrestha (Member-at-large), Mrs Deepika Shrestha Rajbhandary (Member-at-large), Mrs.Sajana Maharjan (Member-at-large), Manish Shrestha (Member-at-large) and Mrs. Sichu Mali (Member-at-large).

Lyaymha America Guthi extended its thanks to media partners Mr. Biswha Raj Thapa of, Mr. Kabindra Situala of DC-Nepal, Manish Maharjan of VA Nepalese media, Jayambu Ranjit of News, Hamro Jatra Live, TV/FM partners Nepa TV, Ujyalo FM Lahana, Nepal Mandal TV, photo partner, Mr. Rajiv Shrestha of Photo Bank Studio, and the sound partner Mr. Sugandha Shrestha for covering the event.

The organization also expressed its gratitude towards the following generous sponsors: Spring Hill Real Estate-Mrs. Heena Shrestha, AeroNepal-Mr. Rakesh Tuladhar, Classic diamond and Jewelry-Mr. Allan Maharjan, Indian Mart-Mr. Sushil Chand, Himalayan Soul Foods-Mr. Sujit Shakya, Customer Realty-Mr. Kamal Parakh, Nepali Realtors-Mr. Nishesh Bhattarai, Momo and more-Mr. Bikram Bhat, A-one (Homemade momo)-Mrs. Suntali Shrestha, State Farm-Mr. Nirmal Atreya, Air zone Travel-Mr.

Rajesh Shrestha, Steam Roofer/oNest Real Estate-Mr. Suresh Sapkota and Shree Decorations & Event Organizer-Shreejana Uprety.

The event proceeded with the recognition of all the amazing Active volunteers for their outstanding support including Mr. Om Karmacharya, Ms. Rajshree Shrestha (emcee), Mr. Dil Bahadur Lama, Ms. Sabita Shrestha, Ms. Samidha Shrestha, Mr. Roshan Rajak, Mr. Sulav Shrestha, Mr. Manish Shrestha, Mr. Manish Maharjan, Mrs. Manisha Malla Shrestha, Mrs. Bimala Prajapati, Mr. Sanam Sikhrakar, Mr. Sushil Shrestha, Mrs. Sabina Rajbhandari Shrestha, Mrs. Soni Joshi, Mr. Deepak Joshi, Mrs. Rushna Shrestha, Mr. Manoj Shrestha, Mrs. Kamala Pun, Mr. Siddhanta Thapa, Mrs. Ila Shrestha, Mr. Deeplove Shrestha, Mrs. Prada Joshi, Mr. Subin Shrestha, Mrs.Ganga Karki Subedi, Mr. Bijay Subedi, Mrs. Sagina Shrestha, Mr. Rajiv Shrestha, Ms. Samridh Shrestha, Mr. Sujit Rajbhandary, Ms. Shreeska Prajapati, Ms. Anushka Shrestha, Ms. Shreya Joshi, Ms. Rimika Shrestha, Ms. Sweta Shrestha, Mr. Naresh Karmacharya, Mr. Raj Maharjan, Mrs Rashmi Dongol, Mrs. Anjali Maharjan Prajapati, Mrs. Sharmila Shrestha, Mrs. Timila Shrestha, Mrs. Prabina Shrestha and Mr. Sandeep Shrestha.

One of the highlights of the event were raffle games with awesome prizes that stirred excitement among the participants. The event concluded with the Biskaa Dhyou-Kha

Jatraa with Lord Ganesh toured around the park and everyone enjoyed the jatraa with bhuyu sinha and the captivating live music of dhimay and bhusyah.

Lyaymha America Guthi extends its heartfelt thanks to all the participants, volunteers, sponsors and community members who contributed to making this year’s event a resounding success. Plans are already underway for next year’s festival, promising more opportunities for young minds to explore, learn, and grow through the magic of cultural discovery. Please follow us on Facebook to see photos and videos of this event.

Thank you! Subhay! Lyaymha America Guthi [email protected]