Background of Mahashivratri

Enepalese Published on: March 9, 2024

According to the legend,Mahashivratri is mentioned in many Puranas, especially Skanda,Linga and
Padma. These medieval age Saiva texts present various versions of the festival, such as fasting, and
paying obeisance to the Lingam – the symbolic figure of Shiva. The importance of Mahashivratri has been described in various mythological stories. As per Shaivism tradition, this is the night when Shiva
performs the heavenly dance of creation, preservation and destruction.

According to Astrological theory there are 12 Shivratris throughout the year
The fourteenth day of the lunar month, i.e. the night before the new moon rises, is called Shivratri.In
that respect, there are 12 Shivratri throughout the year, and the spiritual and cultural significance of
Shivratri, which falls on Krishna Chaturdashi in the month of Falgun every year, is incomparable. On this night, as proven scientifically, the earth’s North Pole is positioned in such a way it has shown to trigger an extraordinary flow of power and gravity in creatures on Earth. Perhaps it is for this reason that on this day nature is believed to draw people towards the spiritual side. The cultural practice of keeping awake all night and celebrating Shivratri has been explained scientifically to bring this spiritual power, attraction and awakening to one’s body.

Kumbh of Pashupatinath today
Moreover, Nepal, the land of the adorable god Pashupatinath, which even history has not been able to include in its records, the holy pasture land like the forest of mucilage mentioned in various Puranas and religious records, the land under the cool shade of Kailash and the land of Hindu faith. Today Pashupatinath is marked by a special auspicious occasion. The sea of devotees who throng
Pashupatinath can be interpreted as a religious Kumbh.

On this day, the sadhus make their presence in unprecedented numbers in Pashupatinath. They have
sacrificed and devoted their entire lives seeking salvation and achieved moksha(liberation) through
meditation and contemplation of God.They live a spiritual and ascetic life. They come from different
parts of India and Nepal to pay homage to Pashupatinath.It is customary for Pashupati Development
Fund to give them formal leave on the day and provide them with Dakshina and offerings.

Meaning of Shiva
Maha Shivaratri totally revolves around Shiva, the god who has no form, beginning and end. His angercan obliterate all the components of the world.The special occasion is solely dedicated to Shiva.

Shiva means the element that is or is not. Contemporary science is looking for evidence regarding
molecules and atomic components that all things merge with the source from which they come.However,the existence of this non-existent Lord Shiva has given illustration to the world of a

After years of research, science has come to the conclusion that every living thing in the world is formed from the elemental forces of the universe and merges with them. One of the forces of this universe is explained as the five elements in many forms like air, water, fire, sky and earth. We are all created from these elements. The one source of these forms is Lord Shiva who is amidst us.

This formless Shivatattva is present in the form of wind, dryness and fallen leaves in the month of
Phalgun, from the sprouting palm to the form of sprouting in the soil by lightning. According to the
religion, the name may be different, the interpretation may be different, but we are the creation of
Shivatattva. What is the child, what is the old and what is the adult? Today, Shivalayas are filled with crowds of men, women, natives, foreigners, etc. Many of us may be misinterpreting or
misunderstanding Shiva as a wonderful deity who consumes marijuana, cannabis, etc., but the depth of creation and society is hidden within all these habits of Shiva.

Shiva is the one who drank poison and reached Gosainkunda mountain through Nilakantha.He is the
compassionate persona who embraced the dead body of his wife Sati Devi and traveled the universe for a long time shedding streams of tears. As a result,Shakti peeths were created.

Today is the wedding anniversary of Shiva which is an auspicious occasion for the devotees. On this day Lord Shiva assumed the form of a mountain and became stationary and immortal.

Hence, the night of Shivaratri is also considered as an immovable and fearless night. For yogis and
sadhaks, Shiva is not a god but a primordial guru who transmitted the teachings of yoga to the
Saptarrishis in formal and documented form.

The same yogas are practiced throughout the world today. This article is based on the story of a
Shaivism text and targets young readers with the sole purpose to educate them on Shivaratri.

Dig B Tamang