Let ‘International Women’s Day’ Be The Wake-Up Call

Enepalese Published on: March 8, 2024

On today’s auspicious ‘International Women’s Day’, I wish all women a very bright future. May God provide them the strength to change this troubled world into a prosperous and peaceful. The observations and polls from the past show that women are suppressed by the very section of the human beings more than by other halves. It is time to realize, we, women need to come forward and help each other to make our lives better. Women of the present day deserve better than we are offered. We share equally for the betterment of the family, society, nation and the world. Without the contributions of women, the family cannot move a single inch, the society will lose the harmony, the nation will turn into a battle field and the world might crumble down. We are the representatives of Florence Nightingale, Mother Teresa and many other women who sacrificed their lives to make this world a better place to live in. Let us realize their sacrifices and do what they have taught us. Kamala Prasai (www.newsblaze.com)