NPPA’s Honorary Patron Conferred to Janakavi Durga Lal Shrestha and Lokkavi Rajbhai Jakami 

Enepalese Published on: February 22, 2024

Nepa Pasa Pucha Amerikaye (NPPA) conferred its Honorary Patronage to prominent poet duo Janakavi Mr. Durga Lal Shrestha and Lokkavi Mr. Rajbhai Jakami on Wednesday, February 7, 2024 at Dwarika Chhen in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Lokkavi Mr. Jakami was presented the Honorary Patronage certificate by the Chief Guest, Deputy Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City Ms. Sunita Dangol, the NPPA Patron pin by NPPA Honorary Patron and Special Guest Mr. Madan Krishna Shrestha, and a Doshalla by NPPA President Mr. Manohar Shrestha.

Janakavi Mr. Durga Lal Shrestha could not attend the event due to health reasons. He was presented the Honorary NPPA Patronage certificate, NPPA Patron pin, and a Doshalla by the NPPA President Mr. Shrestha and his wife Mrs. Anjaly Shrestha at his residence. Janakavi thanked NPPA for its dedication to preserving and promoting Newah culture abroad, became emotional, and remarked that the event was one of the most precious moments in his life.

During Wednesday’s event, NPPA President Mr. Manohar Shrestha lighted butter lamps in front of the portraits of late Honorary Patrons Dr. Satya Mohan Joshi and Dr. Manik Lal Shrestha to honor their lives and contributions to the Newah nation state.

NPPA Patrons Mrs. Anjaly Shrestha and Mrs. Ganga Maharjan welcomed all the dignitaries on the dais by offering them khada. 

The event was jointly inaugurated by the Chief Guest Ms. Sunita Dangol and the Special Guest Mr. Madan Krishna Shrestha.

NPPA President Mr. Shrestha also welcomed all the dignitaries and guests, thanked them for their participation, and highlighted the significance of honoring the Janakavi and the Lokkavi with the NPPA Honorary Patronage.

NPPA Patron, Nepal Representative, and former Vice-President Mr. Buddha Ratna Maharjan recited the Honorary Patron Certificates prior to handover. 

Mr. Suresh Kiran Manandhar, Chief Editor of Nepalbhasa Times highlighted the activities of NPPA and specifically showcased its efforts in publishing the annual souvenir magazine Daboo.

NPPA Honorary Patron and Special Guest Mr. Madan Krishna Shrestha commended NPPA for duly honoring the Janakavi and Lokkavi duo with the NPPA Patronage.

Lokkavi Jakami expressed his gratitude and thanked NPPA for honoring him and the Janakavi withthe Honorary Patronage. He stated that this honor would provide him additional energy to continue his work on Newah literature.

Chief Guest Ms. Dangol appreciated NPPA for recognizing the efforts of the most deserving poets and their creations. She also thanked NPPA for continuously maintaining a transnational connection with Newah culture and literature.

NPPA President Mr. Shrestha also presented NPPA’s 30thanniversary commemorative coin and NPPA’s annual souvenir magazine Daboo 2023to the Chief Guest of the event Ms. Dangol.

NPPA Patron and World Newah Organization (WNO) Senior-Vice President Mr. Samir Maharjan thanked the dignitaries and all those who volunteered to make the event successful.

The event was skillfully moderated by former Miss Newah Ms. Neetu Dangol. NPPA would like to thank her for her time and selfless support.

NPPA would also like to thank The Rising Nepal, GorkhapatraMero SaptahikNewa Online News, News NepaNewa HD TV, and Newa TV for covering the event.

For additional information please contact Mr. Manohar Shrestha ([email protected]). Additional photos are available in NPPA’s Facebook page.