Sonam Lhochhar

Enepalese Published on: February 13, 2024

Sonam Lhochhar 2860 Duk/Mu Pukhri Lho (Year of Dragon) organized by Tamang Society of Greater Washington(TSGW), USA was celebrated with great fanfare on Saturday at the meeting house in Harden City,Northern Virginia.

More than three hundred people attended the six hour long event. The ceremony commenced with the national Anthems of the United States of America (USA)and Nepal,followed by Ashtamangal bhajana and Tashi Gypa Mantra for continuous peace, prosperity, happiness and harmony for the people of the USA and Nepal.

As a reminder,Tashi Gypa Mantra is one of the most revered,important and popular mantras in Buddhism. Ms. Bhimkala Tamang gave the welcome speech, while Mr.Lhamu Tamang addressed the audience about the activities of Lhochhar.Similarly former TSGW President Dr.Shyam Lama Ball shed light on the past activities of the community.

Speaking about the social,religious and political aspects of Lhochhar, the founding vice-chairman of TSGW Mr.Dig Bahadur Tamang reiterated that the Tamangs are the oldest tribe in Nepal according to the version of the Dynasty of Nepal and Dr. Anatoly Yakoblav Shetenko’s discovery.

Dr.Shetenko came to Nepal for an archaeological study program under an agreement between Nepal and the Soviet Union.He discovered tools,weapons and artifacts from the Stone Age dating back to about 30,000 BC in Budhanilkantha similar to those found in Gobi in Mongolia, Asia and America.

The findings of Mongolian artifacts from the stone-age in Yambu(Kathmandu, Budhanilkanth) proved that the Mongolians (Tamangs) came to Nepal through Tibet and the Himalayas.

It is very clear that the Mongols entered from the north and settled in Yambu (Kathmandu Valley) around 30,000 years ago according to Janaklal Sharma.

How can we forget the tragic and painful history of Tamang, during the reign of King Ran Bahadur Shah the third.

The barbaric massacre of Nuwakot Tamang was/is a dark stain on the history of Nepal. It may be recalled that one thousand Tamangs were brutally killed on a single day for disobeying the King’s order. .

The first phase of the program was presented and conducted by Mrs. Rosie Ghising Tamang, Secretary General of TSGW.

Mr. Adrian Pokhrel, who is running in the Democratic primary for the US House Virginia District 10 election, Mr. and Mrs. Krishna Dharbahi, renowned literary figure and writer of Nepal and Mr Nuru Lama with the World Bank in Washington DC were special guests for the event.

Famous folk singer Mr. Milan Lama from Nepal entertained the audience with his popular songs. The group consisting Ms.Sumitra Tamang Thokar(New York),Principal Engineer duo Mr.Raj Tamang and Mr.Pema Lama Dong(Virginia), Mr.Uttar Lama Dong former President of TSGW and economist Uttar Lama Dong (Virginia) and Mr.Dig B Tamang performed Buddhist rituals and sang cultural and typical Tamang songs at the beginning of the program.

One of the highlights of the event was a musical extravaganza by singer and composer Raju Lama of Angel’s Band and his associates from Baltimore. The foods and appetizers served were absolutely fantastic.

General Secretary of TSGW Rozy Ghising extended her gratitude to everyone who were behind the grand success of LhoChhar Program.

Life Member of TSGW Dipendra Ghisingh played a pivotal part in putting together all necessary logistics for the event.

From the event venue( Herndon Community Center ) to technology support it was an example of meticulous planning and flawless execution on his part.

Mr.Dipendra, words cannot describe how grateful I am for your tireless dedication and commitment to TSGW.

Indeed we are so blessed to have a person like you in our community.

Linewise,I would like to express my gratitude from the bottom of my heart to Ratna Tamang, Raj Tamang, Fouda Lama, Uttar Lama Dong, Pema Lama Dong,Santosh Ghising, Dawa Tamang, Ritu Tamang, Nanu Tamang, HemkalaTamang, Tejman Tamang, Nani Devi for their selfless involvement and support, which significantly contributed to the event success.

A round of applause to the executive team for overseeing the event in the most professional manner.They did a fantastic job ensuring efficient management from start to end.

I appreciate and would like to thank all attendees for staying back late and giving a hand to clean up and wrap up the delayed event.

My special thanks Raj Tamang Bal (Agu), Dipendra Tamang, Phuda Lama, Vishnu Lama, Ritu Tamang and my spouseTejman Tamang.

By DBTamang.