Yomari Punhi (N.S. 1144) Observed in Edmonton, Canada

Enepalese Published on: January 25, 2024

The Nepalese community in Edmonton, Canada observed Yomari Punhi (Nepal Sambat 1144) amidst a special cultural event at Lansdowne Community Hall in Edmonton on Sunday January 21, 2024. The cultural event was hosted by the Newa Cultural Society of Alberta (NCSA). NCSA is a local organization established under the Societies Act of Government of Alberta to practice, promote and preserve Newa culture and traditions in Edmonton. Meanwhile, Yomari Punhi is celebrated on full moon day in December, after the end of rice harvest in Kathmandu valley, Nepal.

The Yomari Punhi cultural event was inaugurated by Dr. Hemanta Joshi, President of NCSA, by lighting the Panas, a traditional Nepalese artistic oil lamp. In the cultural event, Dr. Joshi extended his Yomari Punhi greetings to all the participants. Dr. Joshi also highlighted on significance of Yomari and Yomari Punhi festival. According to Dr. Joshi, Newa people believe that celebration of Yomari Punhi brings them prosperity and good health. They also believe that after Yomari Punhi, days get longer at the rate of the length of pointed tail of the Yomari. According to Dr. Joshi, organizing cultural events like Yomari Punhi regularly in the community not only bring people together in one platform for celebration and socialization but also contribute in preserving and promoting Newa culture and traditions. After the inaugural speech, Puja of Annapurna (goddess of grain) was performed by offering freshly cooked Yomaries. All the participants were offered Yomaries as Prasad (blessing) of the deity.

In the cultural event, ethnic songs and dances were performed by the local artists to entertain the participants. A cultural quiz related to Yomari and Yomari Punhi festival was conducted to raise cultural awareness among participants. An ethnic dinner was also served to the participants at the end of the cultural event. Mr. Tri-Prasad Dhoubhadel, Vice-President of the NCSA, thanked all the volunteers and participants in organizing the cultural event. The cultural event was facilitated by Mr. Birendra Piya, Treasurer of NCSA.