Nepalese American Nurses Associations (NANA)-Annual Seminar Highlights

Enepalese Published on: January 16, 2024

NANA Introduction

Nepalese American Nursing Association (NANA) is a non-profit organization established in 2012 to unite all Nepalese Nurses in America. The organization’s primary goal is to unite Nepalese Nurses and Nursing Students as a professional body under one roof at a national level. NANA goals are to unify Nepalese Nurses, share professional experience & guidance for Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing School ( CGFNS) process which is required prior to qualify to take NCLEX-RN examination in many states, provide personal and professional development opportunities for NANA members, create a bridge for nursing and other professional organizations, provide health awareness and preventive and promotive health services to community by conducting health fairs, & offer charitable contributions during natural disasters and humanitarian emergencies.

NANA Activities During the Year 2023

Under the leadership of Dr. Pudasainee-Kapri, NANA has done several activities in 2023. NANA actively engaged in special events, such as the Nepal Day Parade and Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage (AAPI) Second Annual program in New York, Teej celebration in New York etc which provide platforms for cultural celebration, community engagement, and networking. These events are crucial in showcasing Nepalese culture and fostering connections among members.

The organization emphasizes the power of collaboration, actively partnering with various organizations such as the Pediatric Nurses Association of Nepal (PNAN), Nepalese Nurses Council (NNC), Kathmandu Institutes of Child Health (KIOCH) and Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) within and beyond the nursing community to amplify its impact. The president, Dr. Pudasainee-Kapri also joined the 2nd Annual General Meeting of Kathmandu Institute of Child (KIOCH) Partners of America (KPALS) in Manassas Virginia in May 2023 and shared NANA’s commitments to support the initiatives of improving child health and wellbeing in Nepal.

The organization contributes meaningfully through activities such as health fairs, helping hand project, and charitable donations to non-for profit organizations including KPALS/KIOCH ($5000: to support for establishment of Children’s hospitals in Nepal) and Ridgewood Nepalese Society ($5782 to support for Durga Temple and Nepalese Community Center in Ridgewood, NY)). NANA’s commitment to the global community extends beyond events and networking, as evidenced by being recognized as a Silver Trustee with the Ridgewood Nepalese Society and a Bronze Partner of K-PALs. Additionally, NANA held regular general meetings, virtual webinars, and annual seminars to provide opportunities for knowledge exchange, continuing education, skill enhancement, and networking and professional development for its members.

Program Outline and Deliverable of NANA Annual Seminar

The NANA conducted its 11th Annual Seminar on Saturday, January 13th, in Ridgewood NY. The seminar showcased a diverse and engaging program, beginning with opening doors for participant registration and distributing surveys and raffle tickets by Anupa Thapa and Ang Yankey Sherpa. The event hosted by Sanita Das Pariyar, Treasures of NANA featured social networking and snacks followed by the national anthem and a cultural dance. Dr. Sangita Pudasainee-Kapri, assistant professor at Rutgers University-Camden and a current president of NANA delivered a warm welcome speech acknowledging all distinguished presenters, invited guests, community organizations and attendees followed by Urmila Khadka, assistant secretary of NANA, presented the history of NANA and its current activities.

Ms. Sanita Das Pariyar then presented the NANA financial report for 2023 and recognized new NANA members. The seminar covered a broad range of topics and presenters including Next Generation NCLEX (NGN) and Clinical Judgement: Tips, Tools, and Resources by Dr. Mary Wunnenberg (Rutgers University-Camden), Wellness and Stress Reduction by Dr. Anna Kimelfeld (Vice-President of Metropolitan Healthcare System), and Advanced Educational Opportunities in Nursing by Sunita Bhandari (Current Advisor and Founder president of NANA). Additionally, Ms. Dikki Choden (CRNA at LIJ Northwell Forest Hill Hospital) shared her valuable insights and experiences into the Career Pathway as a CRNA.

The event also included a presentation on NCLEX RN Preparation for English Language Learners by Colleen Pike Blair and Philippe-Olivier Deslouches (Program Manager and Educational Case Manager for ESOL program at Lehman College, CUNY), on Identification and Management of Intimate Partner Violence in Clinical Practice by Ms. Sakun Neupane (Jacobi Medical Center Bronx) and Occupational Exposure to Blood and Body Fluids by Shyama Shah (FNP at Lincoln Hospital Employee Health). Our invited guests included Julia Camagong (Political and Community Organizer-NYSNA), Bina Khadka Lama (Vice president of Nepali American Community Center in Virginia) also delivered their outstanding speech about their organizational goals and community activities, ways to support NANA nurses, and opportunities for collaboration with NANA activities.

Towards the end of the program, NANA President, Dr. Pudasainee-Kapri delivered a very insightful and thought-provoking presentation on Accomplishments & Future Planning of NANA including formation of sub-committees to mentor and serve NANA Nurses and community members, conducting study to assess feasibility of Nurse Practitioners program in Nepal with the goal to improve primary health care in Nepal, training opportunities for NANA nurses to become clinical instructors and nurse preceptors via CLIPP Academy- HRSA Grant of Rutgers University-Camden, and Educational Scholarship and Research/Evidence-Based Practice Grant opportunity for professional development. NANA currently formed four subcommittees including NEXT GENERATION NCLEX (NGN) test takers and RN License (1), Advance Nursing Education (2), Job Transition to Clinical Practice (for RN and APN) (3) & Caring Hand Project (4), to serve Nepalese nurses globally for their professional development and mentorship opportunities as well as community services. Certificate distribution and recognition ceremony were led by the President, Dr. Pudasainee-Kapri President & Vice-President, Ms. Nima Sherpa followed by a closing speech by the Vice President and the announcement of raffle winners by Sunita Bhandari.

The seminar concluded with an open forum for discussions, questions, concerns, and suggestions and with a happy hour for further social networking.