The Founder of Nepal

Enepalese Published on: November 29, 2023

Nepal, God’s creation, which was decorated, expanded and protected by our forefathers. They have handed Nepal to us in a beautiful shape. With an empty stomach our forefathers bravely fought the enemies for the nation’s independence. With a few brave soldiers carrying just stones, khukuris (traditional weapons) and limited number of guns Prithvi Narayan Shah, the great founded Modern Nepal.

All of his lives have been sacrificed by King Prithvi Narayan Shah to build Nepal. Just remembering such a great historical personality is not enough, we need to follow his deeds and protect his ideals of one big beautiful Nepal than to blindly working to disintegrate this heavenly land.

The lessons of bravery carried out by the Shah dynasty is directly linked to the dignity of the Nepalese people. This unbreakable bondage made Nepal safer till date. With this, Kings could save Nepal from the foreign dominations. Thus, the breaking of this bondage is nothing more than to keep Nepal under domination.

The words ‘Nation’s founder’ can only be decorated to a personality who builds nation. The Great King Prithvi Narayan Shah is that personality who could only be decorated with that term. How come today’s political leaders are attempting to replace him?

These leaders are trying to disintegrate our Nepal to satisfy their personal interests. By breaking a nation into pieces, Nepal’s leaders are trying to become the founder of federated states. This is just the daydream of the leaders. Nepal does not lack patriots like Kaji Kalu Pande, Rajendra Laxmi, Bahadur Shah, Balabhadra Kunwar, Bhakti Thapa, Amar Singh Thapa and so many others. These patriots will never allow to become leaders’ wishes fulfilled.

In modern Nepal’s history, there is no any incident that Kings have ever tried to undermine our dignity rather they have put every efforts to protect and uplift it. Kings’ true intentions of making Nepal a prosperous and self-reliant were hindered by some quarters to satisfy their dirty needs. The Great King Prithvi Narayan Shah had with him honest and patriot associates to identify those culprits and succeeded in his mission to unify Nepal.

King Gyanendra left the throne thinking this unified Nepal founded by his forefather must be kept intact at any cost. He thought people would be happier and safer. However, day-by-day the situation of Nepal is worsening. Anarchy is taking over peace, prosperity and security.

The center of a faith of Hindus all over the world, Pashupatinath Temple is dragged into dirty politics. The Maoist led government intentionally created mess everywhere and now is creating mess in the Pashupatinath Temple to dismantle the religious harmony existed in Nepal till date.

The priests, management team and the devotees were attacked by the hooligans of Young Communist League (YCL) under the guidance of Maoist led government. Such thing never happened when Kings of Nepal ruled and would have never happened if King were on the top providing us guardianship.

Today’s leaders of Nepal are showing no interests of making youths aware of wrong doings. In stead, they see opportune for them when these youths are heading towards violence. These all remind me one beautiful paragraph of a song written by G. Shah (King Gyanendra Shah), “Hey Yuba timi hau desh ka shakti, timi hau desh ka bhakti, timi hau desh ka rakshak, timi hau desh ka palak” meaning in substance , “youth, you are the power of the nation, you are the protector of the nation”.

I would like to mention one more paragraph of other song written by G. Shah, which I am listening while I am writing this article, ” bachnu nai chha yedi bhane bacha Nepali bhai, bolnu nai chha yedi bhane bola Nepali nai, ……. Mutu bhari chhati bhari Nepali bhai bacha, har shasha-shasha mechi-kali liyi bacha” meaning, “if you want to live, live as Nepali, if you want to speak, speak Nepali, …….. In every breath inhale Mechi and Mahakali and live like a Nepali, in the whole of your breast and heart live like a true Nepali. Thus, a personality like King Gyanendra Shah who loves our nation with heart can only be the founder of New Nepal.

Source:News Blaza