Tender Hearts Secures Additional Basketball Court and Resources for Local Fairfax CountyOrganization

Enepalese Published on: November 22, 2023

Centreville, Virginia, November 20, 2023 — To provide local Nepali-American youth a place to relieve stress, burn energy, and be in community, PKP Tender Hearts Foundation (“Tender Hearts”) has organized weekly use of additional basketball court for a local sports organization at Mott Community Center in Fairfax, VA.

In an effort to secure a place for a local Nepali-American youth basketball team for additional courts to
play basketball, Tender Hearts, a local Nepali-American culture-sharing and education organization, facilitated regular use of a Fairfax County Community Center basketball court.

The local organization, Gurkha LLC, was established to bring Himalayan communities together, with
primary focus on multiple sports for local youths and community members. While Gurkha LLC has
achieved commendable success in securing spaces for sporting events, the organization faces a
continual need to identify additional venues to accommodate its organic growth and explosion of youth
interest in sports. Prabha Bhattarai Deuja, the founder and president of Tender Hearts, recognized the
need to support the organization dedicated to building strong foundations with youth. Tender Hearts
extended a helping hand to form a partnership with Gurkha LLC, offering additional resources to assist
the ongoing efforts of the organization.

The President of Gurkha LLC, Kaji Basnet, commends Prabha Deuja for her outstanding leadership in
guiding the youth towards a positive trajectory through sports and various activities. “Prabha’s
unwavering support and generous contributions to our organization have played a pivotal role in
addressing the challenge of preserving the cultural and traditional values among the youth. We are truly
grateful to have her steadfast support and collaboration as we work together to shape a promising
future for the younger generation.”

Now, thanks to local government and community support, the team is set to utilize the quality
community space on Saturday mornings to practice their skills and play games with local teams.
Prabha Deuja and Tender Hearts organization have arranged for use of the additional court by working
through Fairfax County Health Services and the Director of Youth and Family Programs at the Mott
Community Center in Fairfax, VA.

“We are always there for the people within our County, especially for youths in the Nepalese
community,” Prabha shares. “We are seeing an increase in the number of Nepalese living in the county.
Currently, we have over 30,000 Nepalese in the DMV region, and it is great to find these spaces for
youths to work off their stress and energy.”

Derek Greygor, Director of Youth and Family Programs at the Mott Community Center, was happy to
oblige the local team in ensuring they have additional courts to practice on and appreciated the local
advocacy to get the job done. “We are excited to have Gurkha LLC here at Mott Community Center and
thank you for the work that you do.”

While Prabha’s organization acknowledges and acts on the need for quality facilities that allow youths
to get exercise, she notes that this is just one small step forward in making a difference in the lives of
youth in her community. “Providing resources to our community is our goal, and doing what we can to
help them accomplish that goal is our mission.”

About PKP Tender Hearts Foundation:
PKP Tender Hearts Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit based in Centreville, Virginia. Their mission is
to preserve Nepali culture within children in the United States to remind them where their true roots lie,
spread education in Nepal to those who do not get the opportunity to learn, and unite everyone of all
ages, from the younger generation to the elderly.

About Fairfax County Public Libraries:
The Fairfax County Neighborhood and Community Services (NCS) promotes the well-being of
individuals, families and communities by providing a variety of recreation, educational and
developmental programs and services; by facilitating community engagement to identify areas of need
and enhance countywide capacity for serving those needs; and by connecting residents with a
continuum of county- and community-based resources that promote equity and create
positive outcomes for people of all ages and abilities.

About Gurkha LLC:
Gurkha LLC is a recognized as a premier provider of sports and entertainment within the regions of
Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia by delivering the highest quality sports and entertainment
experiences to local youths, with a steadfast commitment to making a positive impact on the
community. Gurkha LLC operates with a mission to contribute meaningfully to the development and
well-being of the local community. By prioritizing the provision of top-tier sports and entertainment
initiatives, we aim to cultivate an environment that not only fosters excellence in athletics but also
serves as a catalyst for positive societal change.