The Maoists of Nepal are not real Maoists.

Enepalese Published on: June 13, 2023

The Maoists of Nepal are not real Maoists. In the name of Maoism, they are robbers, tyrants and feudal . The Maoists of Nepal have killed seventeen thousand Nepali people. Maoist leaders of Nepal have become very rich by looting in the name of people’s war. The Maoists of Nepal are defaming the name of real Maoists. Maoist leaders of Nepal should not be trusted. Nepal’s Maoists are traitors.

The President, Prime Minister, Ministers, MPs and leaders of Nepal are not trustworthy. There are cheaters.The leaders of our country are not worth trusting. The leaders of any political party in Nepal are not credible.There are deceivers.

Independent Nepali Citizen:Rakesh Kumar Sharma