Please vote against corruption

Enepalese Published on: May 6, 2022


     Please vote ethics. In the coming election, please vote against corruption.

  1. Corruption: Today, corruption is the single most Cancer in our body politics, social cohesiveness, and progress – both economic and spiritual.

Consider the consequences of voting and empowering corruption to yourself, our society and the future generations. Reflect on your own conscience. If you do vote corruption, then you are also a part of the corruption. Please be solution, not the problem.

If a corrupt politician offers you a free lunch. Enjoy the lunch. But consider the unsaid offer – “Your worth is merely a free lunch. Happy to buy your democratic rights very cheap.” Thus, in the privacy of the booth take revenge and vote ethics.

  1. Punish politicians: Please identify, reject and punish with ballots the corrupt politicians and parties. Remember, both politicians who profited from corruption and who in the government did not take legal actions are guilty.
  2. The major cases of corruption: Wide body, Suna kand, Guthi land, Omni group, NCell, Yatayat syndicate, Medical mafia, 70 crore Gokul Bastola, Melamchi-Italian company, Baluwatar kand, etc. etc.
  3. Selling off our Rivers: Koshi, Gandaki, Mahakali, etc.
  4. Chuchhe Naksha: Remember politicians who removed the Chuchhe Naksha out of the school text books, and out of our embassy.
  5. Guthi land: Remember the evil politician trying to sell our ancestral heritage.
  6. Holy wine: Remember the ‘Kaputs’ selling own Dharma.
  7. MCC: Remember the Dalal politicians compromising our sovereignty.
  8. Easy citizenship: It is Fiji-karan. Remember politicians trying to pass it.
  9. Criminalization of politics: Remember politicians responsible for Mafia-karan in politics.


  1. Justice: Maoist terrorists must be served Justice. Without justice societies \ cultures do not survive. The Maoist terror killed 17,000 poor Nepalese, destroyed economy, and desecrated our temples. No grand theories, least of all the globally discredited Marxism, can be a cover on the heinous crimes of robbery, intimidation and murders. The number 17,000 is not mere statistics, but the destroyed families. If live ones don’t speak for the dead, then they are living-dead.


  1. Constitution: Must publish and honor the official poll collected in July 2015. The poll was the ratification (Anumodan) of the constitution. Suppressing people’s mandate is ‘Treason’, and renders the constitution ‘Invalid.’


  1. Mandate: ‘Dharma nirapexata, Sanghiyata and Ganatantra’ have no mandate. They were imposed on us by outsiders through Maoist terror and corrupt politicians. The official 2015 poll is clearly against them. The imposition is to break our nationhood, use us as a foreign tool and facilitate conversions.


  1. Heritage: The root of our nationhood is the pride in own ancient heritage. We must inculcate it in our younger generation, and counter the ideologies against it.


  1. Economy: Our core problem is the economy and the jobs. There must be the will and the program, which must include no nonsense protection of investments, resources\environment management, and policing mafia \ political extortions.

Once we were rice exporter. Today, we import everything even tomato. Our economy is in bad shape, and Shrilanka case may repeat in Nepal. Today, over 7 million our youth are working abroad just to keep a step ahead of starvation. Are our politicians interested to solve it? No. Must punish politicians responsible for:

  1. Selling off our over fifty prime industries.
  2. Deliberate mismanagement and over spending for personal & party gains.
  3. Deliberate imposition of unwanted & expensive ‘Sanghiyata.’


  1. Government priority: Are the current coalition government and the earlier governments interested in solving any of the following burning issues? Big fat ‘No.’
  2. Major cases of corruption
  3. Failing economy, and trade imbalance
  4. Millions of disparate youth working abroad
  5. Border encroachment and Indian bandh inundating our farmland
  6. Christian conversions
  7. Pandemic Covid 19

Only interest these politicians have is to ratify the MCC to please foreign masters.

  1. MCC – Millennium Challenge Corporation: It cuts our sovereignty and is opposed by overwhelming majority of Nepalese. Yet, it is ratified by a few corrupt and foreign infested politicians. Justice through ballots must be served. Hope, following notes would help about MCC.
  2. The followingseven-minute statement on MCC by Dr. Bhim Rawal, MP, former minister, would give a gist of the MCC. Dr. Yubaraj Sangroula explains the motivations of the supporters. Prof. Ratna Shrestha explains its constitutionality and technical parts.

Dr. Bhim Rawal Speech in parliament against MCC 2022 | Fair Nepal

Dr. Yubaraj Sangroula: MCC पास गर्न हिँडेकाहरू विदेशीका दलाल हुन |

Prof. Ratna Sansar Shrestha: असंवैधानिक र राष्ट्रघाती एमसीसीअसंवैधानिक-र-राष्ट्रघाती/

  1. We are gratefully receiving aids from so many countries and institutions, including American USAid. None of them requires ratification from the parliament. Why the requirement only in the case of MCC? Why the workers of MCC require ‘diplomat’ status? What if other aids also want the same?
  2. Current parliament has no mandate to ratify MCC, and so called ratification is not valid.
  3. i. MPs did not put publicly their views on MCC before the election.
  4. ii. MPs were not allowed to debate properly MCC in the parliament.

iii. The so called the ‘12 Byakhatmak’ statement was not allowed to be debated.

  1. iv. Is MCC merely a ‘contract or a ‘treaty?’ If it is a contract, then the ratification is not required. If it is treaty, then 2/3 majority is required. Thus, mere majority, as is, is not valid.
  2. v. It is an important treaty. There must be public referendum.
  3. Government comeswith this face-saving device of ‘12 Byakhatmak’ statement. It also means the objections are real. However, the question remains, does it answer all the questions? And will American MCC agree to it? Why Deuba government is not writing about it to American MCC and why not insist on written agreement? Will American MCC agree to abrogate the disagreeable clauses, e.g. “दफा ७.१, नेपालको कानुन भन्दा एमसीसी सम्झौता माथि रहने ।“

How long do we wait? If American MCC does not agree in writing, then the MCC is not valid.

Earlier, MCC officers have already stated that there will be no change in the agreement.

      MCC काे व्याख्यात्मक बुँदामा के छ ? सबैले हेर्नैपर्ने भिडियाे


  1. Here is a shortlist of objections. It is important to note that there are many agreements not made public yet. And the agreements were not discussed properly either in public or in parliament.

एमसीसी विवादकारण  विकल्प – Ekantipur, Jestha 22, 2077; Dr. Surya Raj Acharya

Please read the article for the comprehensive details. Here are a few important excerpts:

  1. aआपत्तिजनकप्रमुखबुँदा हुन्

दफा ., नेपालको कानुन भन्दा एमसीसी सम्झौता माथि रहने ।

दफा ., नेपालको महालेखा परीक्षक बाट लेखा परीक्षण हुने बाध्यकारी व्यवस्था नभएको ।

दफा ., एमसीसीले एक पक्षीय रूपमा सम्झौता अन्त्य गर्न सक्ने र सबै दायित्व नेपाल सरकारले लिनुपर्ने ।

दफा . (), कार्यान्वयनका लागि गठित निकाय, एमसीए– नेपाललाई नेपाल सरकारका तर्फ बाट कार्यक्रम सम्बन्धी क्रियाकलापका सम्बन्धमा सम्पूर्ण कार्य गर्ने अख्तियारी, तर अनुसूची१मा भएको व्यवस्थानुसार खटनपटन भने एमसीसीको ।

दफा . (), बौद्धिक सम्पत्तिमा एमसीसीको मात्र एकाधिकार ।अनुसूची५ (क), नेपालभित्रै निर्माण हुने पूर्वाधार आयोजना बारे भारत सरकारले समर्थन गरेको हुनु पर्ने सर्त ।अनुसूची५ (ख), विद्युतीय नियमन आयोग ऐन बारेको सर्त ।

  1. bयी बाहेक आयोजनाको रोजगारीमा विदेशीलाई समेत बिना सर्त खुला, कर छुट लगायतका विषय पनि विवादमा छन् ।
  1. c.यसकाअतिरिक्त आम चर्चामा त्यति नआएको सम्झौताको दफा ५.५ मा ‘कायम रहने’ शीर्षकअन्तर्गत ‘सरकारका यस दफा तथा दफा २.७, २.८, ३.२ (च), ३.७, ३.८, ५.२, ५.३, ५.४ तथा ६.४ अन्तर्गतका जिम्मेवारीहरू प्रस्तुत सम्झौताको समाप्ति, निलम्बन वा अन्त्यपछि पनि कायम रहिरहनेछन्’ भन्ने उल्लेख छ ।

दफा ७.४ ले सम्झौताको अवधि पाँच वर्ष किटान गरे पनि दफा ५.५ ले आठ वटा दफा अनन्तकालसम्मै लागूहुने हो कि भन्ने अर्थ लगाउँछ ।

यी दफामध्ये केही कर र लेखा परीक्षण जस्ता वित्तीय कार्य विधि सम्बद्ध छन् भने, केही अलि दूरगामी प्रभाव हुन सक्ने प्रकृतिका छन् । जस्तो, दफा ६.४ ले यी दफा सहित यो सम्झौतालाई अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय सम्झौताको मान्यता दिलाउँछ ।

दफा २.७ को प्रावधानले एमसीसीको फन्डिङको उपयोग (अर्थात् यसबाट निर्मित पूर्वाधारको उपयोग) अमेरिकाको कानुन वा नीतिविपरीत नहुने (सोबारे अमेरिकी सरकारले लिखित रूपमा नेपाललाई जानकारी गराउन सक्ने) कुराको सुनिश्चितता खोज्छ ।

त्यस्तै, ३.७ (ग) ले गर्दा अनन्तकालसम्म एमसीसीका कुनै पनि प्रतिनिधिलाई आयोजनास्थलमा बेरोकटोक प्रवेशको अनुमति दिनुपर्नेछ । यी सबै बाध्यकारी प्रावधान अनन्तकालसम्म कायम रहने दफा ५.५ को आशय हो भने, सम्झौताको यो प्रावधान निश्चय नै गम्भीर प्रकृतिको देखिन्छ ।


  1. d. एमसीसी सम्झौता नेपालको संसद्बाट पारित गर्नु पर्ने प्रत्यक्ष सर्त सम्झौतामा छैन । तर सम्झौता नेपालको कानुन भन्दा माथि रहने प्रावधानले गर्दा नेपालको कानुन तथा संसदीय मामिला मन्त्रालयको राय अनुसार लागू हुनु पूर्व नेपाल सन्धि ऐन, २०४७ को व्यवस्थानुसार प्रतिनिधि सभाबाट अनुमोदन हुनु पर्ने भएको छ ।
  1. eसम्झौताका माथि उल्लिखित विवादित प्रावधानका अतिरिक्त, अमेरिकी सरकारको हिन्दप्रशान्त रणनीतिहो भन्नेअमेरिकी सरकारका केही उच्च अधिकारीको भनाइले गर्दा यो नेपालले अवलम्बन गर्दै आएको र संविधानमै निर्दिष्ट असंलग्न परराष्ट्र नीतिको बर्खिलाप भएको तर्क लाई बल पुगेको छ ।
  1. f. मुलुकको सार्वभौमसत्ता, आत्मसम्मान र स्वाधीनतामा आँच ल्याउन सक्ने भन्दै सत्ताधारी दल नेकपाको एउटा समूहले यो सम्झौता सच्चिनु पर्ने माग गरे… ।
  1. g. हाम्रो कूटनीतिक चातुर्य तथा भूराजनीतिक सतर्कतामा कमी देखिए को छ । नेपालमा शक्ति राष्ट्रको भूराजनीतिक चासो बढ्दो द्विपक्षीय दाताहरूको वैदेशिक सहयोगमा दाता कारण नीतिक, कूटनीतिक, व्यापारिक, व्यावसायिक लगायतका स्वार्थ गाँसिएका हुन्छन् । दाताका त्यस्ता स्वार्थहाम्रो राष्ट्रिय हित विपरीत छन् या छैनन् भन्नेमा हामी चनाखो हुनै पर्छ
  1. h. Here are a fewclips on the subject:
  2. Prof. Ratna Sansar Shrestha; March 7, 2022: नेपाली बिजुलीमा अबयसरी षड्यन्त्र सुरु हुन्छ।

भारतले अरुण३को प्रशारण लाइन किन ढल्केबर ल्याउदैछ ?

  1. Dr. Bhim Rawal: एमसिसीविरुद्ध नयाँ तथ्य सहित, खारेज नभए देश सङ्कटमा:
  1. Jhala Nath Khanal: खुलासा: हामीसरकारछोड्छौँ, एमसीसी पारित हुन दिदैनौँ
  1. Dev Gurung: कुनैहालतमाMCC फेल, खोलिदिए MCC को आजसम्म नसुनेको पोल,

  1. Dr. Surendra Bhandari: MCC काेबीरुद्धरिट दाएर, पास गर्ने प्रपन्च बारे सम्पुर्ण खुलाशा
  1. Prof. Yubraj Sangroula: What is MCC? | Sushant Pradhan Podcast
  1. Jhala Nath Khanal: MCC दबाबमा पारित गर्न खोजे देशमा आगो बल्छ |
  1. Prof. Shastra Dutta Panta: Deuba म सँग MCC को ट्युसन पढ्न आउन्
  1. Lilamani Pokhrel: मंसिर २८ अघिनै गोप्य प्रमाण र नामावली, MCC बुझ्न हेर्नेपर्ने भिडियो
  1. Dr. Surya Raj Acharya: प्रमाण सहित बहस गर्न तयार छु, MCC पास गर्नु हुदैन |
  1. Dr. Bhim Rawal: देखाए राष्ट्रघातका डरलाग्दा प्रमाण, ओली. देउवा, प्रचण्ड, बाबुराम सबै देशद्रोही |
  1. Dr. Bhim Rawal: यक्ष प्रश्न – एमालेले MCC समर्थन गरे पार्टी छाड्छु |
  1. Deva Gurung: No MCC – देउवा-प्रचण्डको MCC गोप्य पत्र |
  1. Bishnu Bhattarai – MCC पारीत गराउन अमेरिकाको खतरनाक खेल एसरी असफल हुँदै
  1. Bharat Dahal: थप प्रमाण सहित भरत दाहाल, जसरी भएपनि MCC पास गराउन लाग्यो अमेरिका |
  1. Bharat Dahal: MCC दलाल, एसिया संसारकै शक्तिशाली, केन्द्रमा नेपाल |
  1. Dipak Gyawali – MCC अमेरिकाको सैन्य रणनीति होः यसको पृष्ठभुमी नै संयसपूर्ण छ |
  1. Dharma is not religion: Our nationhood stands on our glorious Dharmic heritage. However, currently we are under the aggressions of two evil religions – Christianity and Communism. We must have clear understanding about Dharma, and that ‘Dharma is not Religion.’ Please note that Buddha Dharma is a part of Hinduism, and Communism is also a religion.

Dharmas (Vaishnav, Bauddha, Shaiva, Jain, Tantra, Sikh, etc.) are about seeking truth ‘Satya’ and disciplines of inner progress ‘Yoga.’ Hinduism is the collection of all the Dharmas evolved in our region. The central theme of Dharmas is inner and outer Peace. Dharmas are different spiritual paths \ margas \ ways \ disciplines. They overlap and don’t use Violence. It is up to an individual to be interested, practice any, all, or none.

Religions (Christianity, Islam, Communism, Fascism, etc.) are brainwashing systems for social control. Each claims exclusive truth, all others evil, and violence is the central theme. Religions are sets of doctrines to believe and sets of commandments to obey, without any questions. This is militarization of society which is the totalitarian control of individuals leading to ‘we vs. they’, ‘we are superior’, ‘misogyny’, and ‘violence.’

  1. Dharma:

Truth always triumphs                                          Satyam eva jayate

Goodness comes out of goodness                         Om mani padme hum

Nothing is equivalent to knowledge                          Nahi gnanena sadrsham

The whole world is a family                                 Vasundhaiva kutumbakam

May all be happy                                                  Sarve api sukhino santu

All are common by birth,                                      Janma jaata shudra sarve,

superiority by good will and deeds                    karmena brahman bhavati

Let truth shine over un-truths,                              Asato ma Sadagamaya,

let light shine over darkness                               tamaso ma jyothirgamaya

Where women are treated with dignity,               Yatra naari poojyanthe,

there roam divinity                                             ramane tetra devata

Truth is one, sages call it differently                    Ekam sat, vipraha bahudha vadanti

Entire universe is pervaded by God                     Isha vasya midam sarvam

We are all the children of God                             Sarve amritasya putrah

Within all of us divinity resides                            Aham brahmasmi

Treat parent and teacher like Gods                       Matru, pitru, guru devo bhava

Speak truth, speak sweet,                                     Satyam vada, priyam vada,

do virtuous deeds                                                dharmam chara

We are children of the earth                                 Mata bhumih putro ham prithvyah

Let good thoughts come from everywhere           Aa no bhadrah kratavo yantu vishwatah

Many paths to the summit                                     Sarva dharma sama bhava

Victory is, where virtue is                                     Yeto dharma stato jaya

Divinity in every heart                                          Ishwor sarba hridaya tisthati

Divinity – truth, auspicious and beautiful             Satyam, shivam, sundaram

Divinity – truth, conscious and bliss                     Sat, chit, ananda

Let there be no Animosity amongst us                 Ma vidvisavahai,

Divine, peace, peace, peace                                  Om, Shantih, Shantih, Shantih.


  1. Christianity is evil:

Its core nonsensical doctrine is, “All Christians go to Heaven, no matter how Evil. All others go to Hell, no matter how Virtuous. All are born sinner, i.e. babies are born in sin. Sins of all and only Christians are already paid by Jesus.” How convenient. Only idiots believe it.

All converts must agree that all their mother, father, families, ancestors have gone to Hell; and all their heritage is Evil. Their ancestors must be really proud of them, in Hell.

Get it correct. Babies are born sinless and divine. Virgins don’t have babies. It is against natural and divine law. One person’s sin does not transfer to others. Nobody may be punished for somebody else’s crime. That is against the basic norm of justice. Jesus’s biological father is Panthera, a Roman soldier. He was on cross only for a few hours and survived. He ran away to India, lived long and died of old age. His tomb still exists in Shrinagar, Kashmir.

Christianity is not merely a faith, but a vicious ideology. It is about brain washing people and attacking other’s heritage. It is not European innovation, but imposed by torturing and killing about 100 million Europeans. It killed another 50 million people in Americas and Africa. Churches even killed Hindus and destroyed temples in India. It destroyed European glorious heritage of Socrates, Aristotle, Plato, Pythagoras, Euclid and countless philosophers. Church burned alive Professor Giordano Bruno and imprisoned for life Galileo for saying that the earth goes around the sun, contrary to the Bible. It dragged Europe down the millennium long Dark Age. Finally, Europe woke up out of this nightmare and had Renaissance, the age of enlightenment, in the 15th century AD. Enlightened King Napoleon Bonaparte of France attacked Spain to free it from the darkness of Christianity in 1808 AD.

The progress of Europe today is not because of, but in spite of Christianity. Progress happened due to and only after recognizing their own roots of European philosopher. It is by rejecting Christianity. Christianity is against the universal concepts like secularism, democracy, objective and rational thinking. Socrates, “Unexamined truth is not really truth.” Pope, “Socrates is not a Christian, therefore gone to hell.”

Read evil Bible:

John 6:53 Unless you eat the flesh and drink blood of Jesus, you have no life.

Deuteronomy 12:2-3 Destroy others temples and destroy images of their Gods.

John 14:6 Jesus is the only way. All non-Christians will go to hell.

Acts 4:12 There is no salvation in any other religions.

John 3:16-18 All non-Christians are condemned to hell already.

Jesus is not really for peace:

Matthew 10:34 I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.

Luke 19:27 Kill them before me, who would not accept me as the King.

Matthew 15:24 I am here to help only Jews or the people of Israel.

Christian God is vicious: According to Bible this evil god killed all the first born Egyptian children in support of Moses, and killed all the humanity except Noah’s family.

Exodus 20:5 I am jealous God. If you bow to other Gods, I will punish even your children up to 4rth generations.

Number 31: Attack Midian tribe. Kill all men, women and children; except virgin girls. Plunder their wealth and burn their villages. You enjoy their wealth and virgins.


The evil Christian Priest \ Jesuit Oath: They are running St. Xavier and St. Mary schools.

 “  …..  I will, when opportunity presents, make and wage relentless war, secretly openly, against all heretics, protestants, and liberals, as I am directed to do to extirpate them from the face of the whole earth; and that I will spare neither age, sex, or condition, and that I will hang, burn, waste, boil, flay, strangle, and bury alive these infamous heretics, rip up the stomachs and wombs of their women, and crush their infants’ heads against the walls in order to annihilate their execrable race, that when the same cannot be done openly, I will secretly use the strangulation cord, as directed so to do by any agent of the pope or superior of the brotherhood of the holy father of the society of Jesus.  .… “

  1. American Library of Congress, Washington D.C., Catalog Card # 66-43354.
  2. Roman Catholic Priest’s Oath of Allegiance, Keith Greer


Christianity kills:

  1. Death toll of Christianity – 82 to 106 million

  1. Christianity and violence

Christianity in action:

  1. Churches tortured and converted Hindus by force
  1. Inquisition and torture tools, 50 million tortured to death.

  1. Discovery Channel – Machines of Malice – the Inquisition
  1. Millions of Native Americans were Killed by Christians – Hopi Chief

  1. American Holocaust of Native American Indians

  1. Nepal earthquake tragedy – Christian Exploitation
  1. Christianity and morality? Sam Harris
  1. Christianity, Awful Truth: Deception, Intolerance and Cultural Genocide
  1. Christian inquisition killed 9 million women, Pagan Holocaust

How Churches destroyed native American heritage and children:

  1. We Saw Nuns Kill Children: The Ghosts of St. Joseph’s Catholic Orphanage
  1. Catholic Church hides bodies of 800 Children – Children of shame
  1. Canada’s Dark Secret | Featured Documentaries
  1. How the US stole thousands of Native American children
  1. How residential schools in Canada robbed Indigenous children of their identity and lives
  1. Communism is evil:

Communism is fundamentally against freedom and democracy. It kills creativity and destroys human heritage. It is a totalitarian system which tries to control all aspects of life. They may entertain any grand theory, but that does not give them the divine right to terror, loot, intimidation and murder. The goal of communism is to create a society where individuals are mere workers like bees and ants without any identity and heritage. It is neither possible nor desirable. It merely creates an overlord class of communist leaders to exploit all others. They don’t allow others to rise and then kill each other for supremacy.

Nepalese Maoist terror, with foreign help, killed 17,000 poor Nepalese, destroyed our meagre industries and desecrated our temples. There must be justice. Only low IQ individuals convert to the world rejected Marxism today. All the constituent concepts of Marxism\Maoism are proven to be wrong: Surplus value theory, Class struggle, Dialectic materialism, Interpretation and prediction of history, Communist utopia, Cashless market, Government less nation, Scientific socialism, Cultural revolution, Dictatorship of the Communist party, Political power through barrels of the gun, etc.

Communist leaders are opportunist hypocrites. Don’t they sing the glory of North Korean heaven to the innocent Nepalese? Now check their lifestyles, foreign visits and the destinations of their children for education. North Korea? USA?

Behind the scene they are controlled by the foreign churches. These corrupt to the soul politicians are basically selling our heritage and Dharma to foreign Masters for personal gains and a glass of Holy wine.

  1. Let us compare systems:
  2. North Korea: No freedom, per capita income $ 2,000

Soviet Russia, East Germany, Yugoslavia before, Mao’s China

  1. South Korea: Democracy, per capita income $ 40,000

Truncated Russia, United Germany, Yugoslavia today, Deng Xiao Ping’s China

  1. Let us compare revolutions:
  2. Mukti Sena of Nepali Congress:

Goal: For Democracy by abolishing Rana dictatorship

Process: Fight Rana regime’s enforcing agency only

People: For freedom and democratic rights of people

  1. PLA of Maoists:

Goal: To impose Communism by abolishing existing democracy

Process: Fight the national army led by democratically elected government

People: Terrorize people to submit to the totalitarian dictatorship of Maoist party

  1. Mass murders by Communists:

Soviet Russia: Lenin, Stalin – 20 million

Maoist China: Collectivization program – 45 million, Cultural revolution – 15 million

Our own Maoists: 17,000 poor Nepalese

Communism Kills: 100 years, 100 million killed

Please vote ethics!

May Buddha bless us all!


Tilak B. Shrestha, Ph.D.