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Attention on Baseless, Truthless, Fact less and fake News

इनेप्लिज २०७८ पुष २५ गते २:१९ मा प्रकाशित

Date: 01/08/2022

To: The editor of enepalese.com

Sub: Attention on Baseless, Truthless, Fact less and fake News


Dear Sir/Madam,


I am concerned about the news published on your news media enepalese.com on 30th December 2021 entitled ICDR and Civil Rights Groups Concerned About Increasing Cast-based Housing Discrimination in the USA written by D.B. Sagar, President of the ICDR. Writer has stated my name as I have denied renting my unit discriminating someone on 18th August 2021 based on the caste just listening one side story without listening my side. I have never been contacted by anyone regarding this incident. He has presented baseless, truthless, fact less, and fake news. I strongly opposed that fact less news. As he mentioned one sided story stressing the landlord who denied renting his unit based on the caste, which is totally wrong. I never asked his name and his caste in our conversation. I have denied renting my unit based on renters’ time on returning home from work, which he said he would return 2 am in the morning every day. In the evening on that date, when my wife returned from her work, we discussed about renters’ daily return time from his work. we realized that time frame is not good for us as it is not separate unit which is a single-family home and we had to share our inside unit where we live. We felt that makes disturbance in our sleep pattern because we have to wake up early in the morning to go to our work. Our home also has an alarm system, which makes big alarm sound opening the main door. We came to a decision and contacted to the renter and mentioned all the fact politely and also told we live in the same neighborhood as you live, so we can live together in the future also. We always need each other’s help too. In our conversation he was aggressive and he blamed us the reason why we denied to rent out our unit. I politely told him that what he was thinking the reason we denied renting him was not true. I told him that there was no any reason of discrimination as we all human being are same, we are immigrants from the same country and we are in the USA, the country of equality and freedom and I am also educated person who never believe in such inhuman thought. During the conversation, his aggression level went up but I was talking politely. He threatened me that he will show me who he is. He also added that as time passes, I will know who he is. I did not tell anything. After listening all his conversation, I felt more insecure to have the person as a family member and share our inside unit. Writer never tried to get both side story. The news has been published in your media and shared on social media mentioning my name without thinking what it impacts on my life. My family and friends are asking about the news. They are worried about me. I have been tortured and insulted since it published and being shared on multiple social media. I believe this is a conspiracy and grand design to insult and divide people of Nepali origin on the name of caste. After going through all these events, I have felt insulted, depressed, and harassed. My depression level has gone up and made me more anxious. I would like to request you to remove that baseless news from your news portal stopping to share more on social media, which has impacted my life severely.


Thank you!


Sanjib K Bimali

Richmond, California