Dinesh Sunar set a world record five times and made the country famous.

Enepalese Published on: July 14, 2021

On Sunday,March 7,2021,for a special event sponsored by the Sunshine Taekwondo Academy,Dinesh Sunar,a four-time world record holder for the Guinness Book of World Records,set a new 5th world record in the most standing full twist back somersault in 30 seconds.Have succeeded in the presentation given by Sunar. he has managed to hit twist back somersault up to 13 times in 30 seconds.In this case,the standard for the world record is to hit the twist back somersault up to 8 times in 30 seconds.

Distinguished personalities of the society including Greater Akron,Mr.Mahananda Luintel,Chairman of Hindu Seva Samiti,Mr.Manorath Khanal,Chairman of Bhutanese Community Association of Akron,Mr.Akash Khatiwada,Vice Chairman,Mr. Kaushila Khanal Karmachary,Proprietor of Master Hark Tiruwa Sunshine and other special persons were present on the occasion.Dinesh Sunar is also an actor who has acted in Nepali films.He has done so many stunts in Nepali movie.He has also participated in America Got Talent. His journey is continuing.He is working hard to get his achievement in his “Parker game” in the world.He is making both country Nepal and America proud.