COVID-19 Help Nepal Support team

Enepalese Published on: June 6, 2021

Dear All,
We all are deeply affected by the level of suffering Nepal and our family members are going through due to this global pandemic caused by covid-19.We have been consistently communicating with different stakeholders to collect and ship necessary medical equipment needed in Nepal.We have been informed by the US national guard,Utah that a plane (KC-135) carrying urgent medical supplies is all set to fly as soon as 15th, June 2021.This plane has been provided free of cost to us (Nepalese People) by the US government under SPP (State Partnership Program).Nepal is a member of SPP,since 2019.

On behalf of NRNA NCC USA, We would like to invite all our community members, organizations, individuals and well wishers to participate in this humanitarian effort and help us consolidate the resources, goods in a timely manner to create the ultimate and unified impact.

Now, we have a plane, ready to fly with the load (prioritized medical supplies/items only), let’s come together to fill it before 14th June 2021.

We have requested with many community leaders to support this humanitarian work to smooth out the logistic management process. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to following community leaders.

Name State Phone Email

Dr Santosh Sapkota AZ 5135934044 [email protected]
Tribhuwan Pandey TX 5057306430 [email protected]
Bikash Uprety TX 8574136074 [email protected]
Roshan Adhikari CA 5623876940 [email protected]
Sanjeev Shrestha NY 3473874316 [email protected]
Gobinda Shrestha IL 4043130337 [email protected]
Brihaspati Lama MA 6176421354 [email protected]
Sailesh Shrestha NY 6463342158 i[email protected]
Ram C. Panta CO 7204127990 [email protected]
Dr. Amod Pokharel CA 5108471243 [email protected]
Dinesh Sharma TX 2145669242
Prem Tamang MA 8579192412 [email protected]
Bhakta Bob Bhandari TX 2545224122 [email protected]
Dr. Vishnu Nepal TX 8324664178 [email protected]
Satish Chapagain MD 4437608167 [email protected]
Shiva Shrma TX 8178966752 [email protected]
Sandesh Uprety TX 4087720231 [email protected]
Ramesh Bhatta MD 4103189693 [email protected]
Madhab Gurung NH 3475365352 [email protected]
Narayan Khanal CA 4082426823 [email protected]
Homakanta Bhandari Nepal Embassy USA 2026674550 ext. 0110 [email protected]

Thank you!
Non Resident Nepali Association
National Coordination Council, USA