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‘Just a Reflection’ a novel by Bishal B. Shah

इनेप्लिज २०७७ असार ९ गते ९:५० मा प्रकाशित

The good guys are dragged by the bad ones to force them to do the terrible things. The destructions, then, follow in series. Optimism is what makes the world survive. The peace is an optimism even though the attempts are on full swing to break it. Still, peace must overshadow the destruction.

Where there is no justice, there is no peace. To do justice, no one should be left behind on any pretext, color, creed, caste, race, sex, minority, or majority. Up till now, we, human beings, are living in ‘just a reflection’ of the unfortunate past. We deserve better, and the future must be the best for all. Thus, the novel, ‘Just a Reflection’ aims nothing less than this.

A novel, ‘Just a Reflection,’ begins with trouble any immigrants can face in the world’s capital, the New York City. However, it is not just the newb, but the people with any color can face troubles anytime in New York and all over the United States. Mostly, African Americans are facing problems of magnitude. Many of them are their own creations. However, the establishment must take responsibility for certain portions of troubles these African Americans are facing. It is the mindset of the ruling section of the society, pushing them for incessant crises. This mindset is deeply formed even in the lower echelon, too. This mindset of the unfortunate past needs complete correction. For this, the socio-economic and political environment for the disadvantaged African Americans needs correction. Attitude towards them needs amendment. It could be accepted that there had been some changes. Still, rapid change is the demand of the time, and that is what everybody should grasp. It is a central theme of a novel, ’Just a Reflection.’

It is a must-read novel if someone considers himself or herself an ‘African American.’

Discrimination of any kind or unjust cannot be accepted anywhere in the world. Bad folks are looking to bring into their fold the sections of the secluded members of the society to hit back upon their enemies. These bad folks, under the disguise, want terror to replace the peace. Their hidden intents are achievable in the darkness of terror. This hidden intent might be to destroy the other civilizations the bad folks think are their enemies. No matter what the bad folks want, peace has to overcome.

The story of a novel, ‘Just a Reflection’ surrounds the world. Black people all over the world are in many a case projected aggressive and incompatible to peace. This novel outright rejects this type of biased thought. The folks who do not accept peace is not the dark skin people but those who are brainwashed with the religious dogma. Thus, this novel, ‘Just a reflection,’ also revolves within this perimeter. Few other subjects have been covered by this novel very articulately.

A novel, ‘Just a Reflection,’ is in Amazon.com. It could be read online on amazon as kindle eBook, or the readers can buy paperback with $12.99.

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