बिहीबार, साउन २२ २०७७
काठमाडौं १२:४९
वासिङटन डिसी 03:04

The Invisible Enemies

Prof. Medani P. Bhandari, PhD २०७७ असार ५ गते २३:३९ मा प्रकाशित

Invisible Enemies are following us,

From all directions, with accelerate speed,

Listen, see and feel,

Enemies are following us.

 The thrust is unbelievable in them,

The desire is immense   in them,

They have a power of devil,

They have a power of magic,

They are everywhere,

Beware Invisible Enemies are following us.

 They have a song which makes us crazy

They have a power which makes us lazy,

They sing lovely song,

They hug and kiss long

 Beware friend beware,

Take out the weapon of trust, peace and awareness,

And get ready to fight with Invisible Enemies,

They are everywhere as sky.

 See feel and realize friend,

We have to make our path clear and pure,

We can do that it is sure,

Clear as wild rose in morning dune

Virgin as unclimbed higher mountain.

 We need to know the fertility, utility and unity

As old tree sees the world with maturity,

Beware friend beware

Invisible Enemies are following us.

 Ups and down remains same

Slope and steep remains same

Travelers should have strength

Which everyone deserve by birth.

 Get ready my friend get ready

Invisible Enemies are following us,

They are measuring us,

Examining us.

 Beware friend beware,

Invisible Enemies are following us.

Dr. Bhandari (Prof. at Akamai University, Hilo, Hawaii, USA and Sumy State University, Ukraine) is a well-known social scientist and humanitarian; have published hundreds of scientific papers on international journals mainly within the domain of climate change, sustainable development, biodiversity conservation and roles of international organization. He has published four books on climate change, role of International organization, Inequality and Sustainability respectively as well as few volumes of poetry with Prajita Bhandari.  Copyright @medani bhandari