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Corona, Burial and New flowers

Bikash Thapa,Pennsylvania, USA २०७७ जेठ २९ गते १०:२१ मा प्रकाशित

What did the Corona epidemic do to save its country, rather than how far it spread? How much success and how did you achieve it or where did you go wrong? This argument can now be the subject of debate. The rulers of some countries are sitting at the top of power and talking less and more. They are wasting important time, even doing it over and over again. They are laughing even after hearing the cries of many people. The people of their own country are weighing how many lives and how many deaths they are carrying. By doing this, neither their heart, nor their hands, nor their brains are captured. They are still happy. Even fearless. This is the character of the ruler of an irresponsible country towards the people. On the other hand, some countries are working day and night for the security of the people. He does not have time to make jokes, nor does he waste time making accusations. There is no end to the focus except where the problem is and what the solution is. Those countries are also very close to success. Corona is winning the battle against.

It is sometimes surprising to see some ugliness in this epidemic. I myself am cautious in making some arguments. There is no one to confirm the fact. Sometimes it is deceitful to work and argue only within an experience, conjecture, and following. Therefore, relying on these and entering into the current imaginary debate is like great foolishness. People don’t believe it and don’t even digest it. The common man has his own guess. But even now there is no situation to remain silent. I know it’s meaningless in a sense. I don’t want to write that nonsense in this article, but now I can translate into words what people around the world have experienced, understood, seen, experienced. I think this article will revolve around this perimeter and boundary. Which is even closer to truth and reality now.

Trump was preparing to open the school and lockdown just after Easter, the second week of April. But what really happened? In his conscience, this lockdown was more than necessary. So he kept saying – you can only warn me but you can never change me. After that, there was no question that health expert Anthony Fauci could change him. Now leave this issue alone. Looking to the future, will parents be able to send their children to school in the United States next month without hesitation? Is it easy to ask about the shock caused by the Corona epidemic in the brain of parents? Will the US easily return to the same situation? Will people now easily believe Trump’s repeated failures in the Corona epidemic? The first question is how the United States can defeat the epidemic? The second is to return to the future of the United States. The American people are terrified now. They are scared. They are angry. They are touching the pulse of their own government. How much trust does the US government have in the people? That is now part of the next study. The answer is also certain. This shows how responsible the government is to the people. Now the success or failure of the government will depend on this.

Anthony Fauci, a health expert in the Trump administration, has repeatedly warned that the coronavirus could kill more than 200,000 people in the United States, but the Trump administration has listened. He was hesitating. Instead, the Chinese were a significant amount of time preparing for the virus. Nor did the virus cross the country’s borders. Neither arrogance stopped it. This was the biggest mistake of the Trump administration. Now Corona has swallowed up the whole of America. After that, I regained consciousness but after a long time. There was no pre-preparation in America. If it had, the impact would not have been on the lack of max, safety armor, medicine, beds, and ventilators throughout the US hospital. Hospitals in New York were forced to return patients after the hospital overcrowded. Except for the need for intensive care, there is no question of getting hospital beds. No matter what the ruler claims, what we see and write is the reality. No matter how cruel, inhuman, and secretive it may be. Why are doctors in New York so compelled to face uncertainty? Why is the situation out of control? Which patient should be put to death? Who to try for treatment? Who doesn’t Why is the situation worse than expected? Even difficult to decide. There is no alternative but to fight in front of the doctors. Since the blow was inflicted on Italy, the United States has failed to make the necessary preparations. Spent time on unnecessary gossip. Having to be in a state of readiness by making a concrete analysis of the concrete situation, I kept repeating myself. Now it is suffering the consequences of mistakes. This is the reality that has not been tampered with.

Did the United States become a crow in the corona epidemic? Would CNN correspondent Jake Tapper consider it his responsibility to answer questions from President Trump? It is up to Modi, Trump, and the Oli government to figure out how those who are obsessed with religious extremism, caste ambitions and power frenzy wander around the world blindfolded by the divine vision of conscience and their own consciousness. There is more noise than work here. Knowing that the fury of rumors on social media has gone up, his reality will be fighting on the ground. The ruler is busy counting the likes and comments of the tweet. The rulers are still proud. There is ego. Is drunk those who go into the pit do not know themselves. He was showing the way in the fog with his eyes closed. Whether the path is right or not maybe the subject of another debate, but they say it is the best and most convenient way. The people are compelled to believe, even compelled.

Is the United States as hollow as the Soviet Union before the 1990s? That is certainly not the case, and even in the current material analysis of the United States, that is not the case. Why Argument alone is not enough, factual reasons are also needed. I wholeheartedly agree with one of President Trump’s arguments on this issue. The US economy was gaining momentum. The market has moved aggressively since Trump came. Employment opportunities also increased significantly. The unemployment rate had dropped dramatically. As a result, the US economy was in a strong position. This is a positive thing. Ironically, 63 percent of Americans still don’t have the money to spend up to US 500 dollars in the event of an emergency. With more than half the population relying on weekly checks, any other measurement index is useless. There are many mistakes of the Trump administration in the case of Corona. Lack of preparation at any level became the biggest weakness. Trump didn’t even want to take it in a sensitive way. Volume is now very close to the possibility of the US economy declining. It can be hasty to speak and write right now, no matter what level it reaches. Imaginary logic and conjecture alone can no longer measure anything.

Let’s go to Nepal for a moment. This roar of empty nationalism is also amazing. A winter nationalism. Winter comes and goes like a hurricane. The next summer, nationalism will continue to rain like a rain of monsoon. In which there is more falsehood. There are confusion and more ignorance. The thinking of another ruler is also amazing. Sending remittances at 45 degrees in the Gulf has never been a problem. News of that interest is never made. But rich people who live and study in developed countries, including China and Australia, are always in trouble. The victims are the same. The news becomes his. They are the ones who are interested. In the end, the means and resources of the state are also spent on their progress and development. Is used. What could be a bigger mockery of the state coffers than this? People are begging to return to the country. Hearing interest, nowhere. Can the state treat the citizens of the same country differently? Shouldn’t the government have observed 14 days after entering the country? Where do they go without coming home in this time of crisis? Such character and arrogance of the government are suicidal. He is thus driving the country in a little fear, a little terror, a little pride, and the rest in blindness. They are clapping once.

During this epidemic, Allah and religious scholars came to the fore in Nepal. If the governments of Nepal and India had not taken the necessary steps in time, they would have killed millions in Nepal and millions in India. What would the situation be like if millions had to lose their lives due to religious superstition? Therefore, those who consider themselves leaders in the society, even if they immerse themselves in superstition, if they do not immerse others, the good of the society will come from that. Pundits of other religions are now silent, secretive, in the dark. They have nothing to do with logic. The argument is not scientifically proven. Science does not accept illusions. And finally, he is also waiting for science. Perhaps he is the one who fears life the most. When science creates a comfortable environment to get out of the hole, their superstitious philosophy begins to unravel again. Fortunately, science has opened up even a little bit of his consciousness now. Time is waiting for the bread of superstition to be baked or changed in the same way tomorrow. Now in Nepal, religious superstition is another added challenge for the state.

These are the debates. Now let’s go into the world history of epidemics. To understand which, we have not returned to history once again. If you look at history, every great disease is old in the world Heritage has been destroyed. In 1347, a plague broke out in Europe, destroying half of Europe’s population. Whether it was another plague in 1720 or cholera in 1820 in Asia or the Spanish flu in Europe from 1916-1920. There is a precedent for any epidemic to take the old system to the grave. See what Corona does! Reality does not conflict with itself. History is not hidden. But the undeniable truth is that man has started a new era through the grave. They have paved a new path. The way of life has changed. People’s thinking, ideas, lifestyle, philosophy, literature, everything has changed and brought a new income.

From Wuhan, China, this epidemic easily reached Europe by climbing the buoy of international trade and capital. Now it has easily traveled the world. Technology and development have kept the world in a tight circle, but at the same time, such challenges have been added around the world. At the time of writing, there have been 736,2561 people infected with the disease and 414,566 dead in the world. In the United States alone, the number of infected people has reached 2048,518 and more than 114,255 have died. There is doubt, curiosity, terror, fear, and anxiety about the future all over the world right now. Everyone is being pushed in the same way. There is interest in how widespread the data is. There is the emptiness inside the mountain of corpses. Due to which, the world is now forced to stand on the middle path. A cloud of uncertainty is hovering. The world is sitting on a deserted grave and shouting. Such epidemics have happened many times in the world. The world suffered from such an epidemic. The mountains of corpses became many but a man never stopped struggling. Every time the world rose from the ashes. Getting up, walking, walking, and looking for your destination. It is the light of inspiration to take the world from history.

Corona is a natural virus. It may be considered as revenge for the extreme burning of human beings by nature, but if billions of rupees are earned by selling vaccines and medicines in preparation for human civilization, there will be no greater misfortune for human civilization and nature. Human civilization and nature will never forgive this monstrous character. The day when nature takes revenge on the human community will not happen on anyone’s bus. We can only guess at how uncertain the world will be tomorrow. There is no situation to check. If this is the case, it cannot be said that the competition for biological weapons will not increase in the world tomorrow. The thing to think about here is that no matter how much the bourgeoisie blames the communists and the communists accuse the bourgeoisie, the inner goal and purpose of both are to become a superpower. How do small and poor nations cope with the new global environment in order to preserve their existence and identity in such a dire situation? In the days to come, small and underdeveloped countries will face a very complex challenge. The economic crisis, blame polarization, and revenge that will come to the world after this great disease can also go a long way. Which is very deadly and worrying for the world and the common people.

Another thing to think about is if this epidemic will destroy the current world structure? Destroy it? We have some estimates but no statistics. Another indisputable fact is that in every great disease, Europe seems to be over and resurrected. Looking at the current situation in Europe, it cannot be denied. Europe has repeatedly learned how to rise from the grave. In Europe, people have started a new history from the graveyard in the past. New flowers have been planted on the graveyard. The same is inflated above. Every great disease has taught people a new education, a new consciousness, and a new lesson. What we also need to learn from this is to be optimistic after every crisis and learn from history. If you look at the crisis that the world endured at that time, that great disease, that coronary disease in front of the mountain of corpses, it is nothing but a coronary disease.

So much has happened in the past and present. What is the future like now? Which way will the world economy go? What kind of flowers should the affected countries plant on the graves of the plague? Toxic or to give fragrance to the world. Allegations, economic crisis, polarization, speculation, gossip are new challenges that can be seen in the world. The potential for new biological weapons competition, trade competition, and trade challenges that can be seen in the world cannot be ruled out right now. The current style and preparation are insufficient to meet the new epidemics, pollution, and all kinds of challenges and problems that will come to the world if the power of the powers of the nations is restored. It may or may not be in the womb of the future, but one thing is for sure, it would be impossible to fight such a massive saga without a collective effort, mutual assistance, exchange of information and technology. The current situation in Europe and the United States shows that no country is capable of tackling the problem on its own. It is too hasty and crude for me to make unnecessary predictions today and now in this article, but the truth is that the world has no choice but to accept reality. No matter how cruel, terrified, and graveyard it may be. Now leave the future in the hands of time. There is no one else as intelligent as this and it is not.