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A glorious Chapter added in the History of Nepal

Prof.Dr Gopi Upreti २०७७ जेठ २९ गते ०:५६ मा प्रकाशित

Nepal’s parliament promulgates a new map of Nepal asserting its sovereignty over Indian occupied territory of Nepal, thus, adding a new chapter in the history of Nepal. Countries may be big or small in geography or physical size but their sovereignty and national dignity remains the same. It cannot be measured by their sizes. 

Indian ruling establishment always wanted to Keep Nepal under India’s security umbrella by extending their northern frontier border to Himalaya and run Nepal’s defense and foreign policy bringing Nepal to the status of Bhutan, Indian protectorate state. Pandit Nehru, Indira Gandhi and as recently as Rahul Gandhi tried to achieve their strategic design. King Mahendra, BP Koirala and King Birendra all knew this Indian design very well and were able to somehow preserve Nepal’s sovereignty.

Though India got its independence from British colonialism, Indian rulers always treated their neighbors with colonial mindset and that mindset has been manifested as Nehru Doctrine which is very important for all Nepali to understand. The Indian occupation of Nepal’s territory is simply the extension of Nehru Doctrine on the ground reality. The unilateral release of Indian map with the annexation of Nepal’s territories (Kalapani, Lipulek and Lympiadhura) necessitated Nepal government to respond asserting its sovereignty over its territorial integrity. 

Nepal government with the backing of all political parties not only released the map of Nepal but also got the parliamentary mandate. All political parties in the parliament stood firmly, amended the constitution of Nepal unanimously and promulgated a new map asserting Nepal’s sovereignty over Indian occupied Nepal’s territory. This is historical milestone in the sense that Nepal had formally and unequivocally proclaimed its sovereignty over Indian occupied Nepal’s territory for the first time in the history. 

Just for moment, think about what would have happened if Nepal’s parliament had not amended the constitution and had not released its new map and just kept lamenting informally? Nepal would have no choice but to accept the Indian map of annexed Nepal’s territory and loose its sovereignty over those territories for-ever. Nation and nationality are above any political party and any political leader. This is the time to rise above petty politics, show solidarity and engage in the constructive dialogue and negotiations with India with the mandate of the people of Nepal. 

Let us congratulate all parliamentarians, all political parties, members of the civil society, Nepali Press media who firmly stood against Indian occupation of Nepal’s territory. Last but not the least, Prime minister KP Oli deserves a huge congratulation for writing a new chapter in the history of Nepal. You will be remembered in the history book of Nepal.