बिहीबार, साउन २२ २०७७
काठमाडौं १२:०७
वासिङटन डिसी 02:22

Racism Sounds are same Minneapolis to Rukum

Bikash Thapa २०७७ जेठ २७ गते ०:५६ मा प्रकाशित



Which animosity gravity clutched your lips?
How many decades are racism blossoming?
Everywhere there are the same sources of racism
Language of egoism and behavior of supremacy
Oh great human beings past is a witness in front of us
Supremacy always performed a rigorous slogan
They only roar in arrogance for superiority
Of course, sounds are same Minneapolis to Rukum

Why I couldn’t speak ? Why am I speechless?
Why am I shameless? Why am I irresponsible?
Sorry, Nabaraj B.k and George Floyd
Sorry for that we are a sinner and rigorous
Superiority couldn’t want to speak now
They scared honoring and bad Obligations
But I want to speak against handcuffs and insane
Now the world is united for justice and equality
Isn’t rhetoric and murmuring its sound of souls
Sound of humanity and the sound of morality

The chains of discrimination it’s like a dramatic
People still judged by their race, color and ethnic
You seem different outside but inside all are same
Superiority always unconscious and blinded
Discrimination always dark, deep and inhuman
Millions of time observed, yours behavior is the same
Never try to dismiss justification and investigation

Otherwise people are wakeup anyone speaks up
You can’t divide me, divided us, divided our unity
We stand for justice, humanity, equality, and freedom

Racism and hatred still inside cast and color
The god doesn’t create slavery and hatred
Today I am doing promise Nabaraj and Gorge
Comings days nobody endorsed animosity
Nobody endorsed supremacist and racist
Its main source of national anger and rage
Always dangerous for us, fatal for human beings
So, I want to call gods and all human beings
Not a moment shall be wasted and too late
To assure Justice, equality, and lighting of hope
Stand up ! Everyone matters!! End of Prejudice.